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Search results

  1. neeronie

    coin badge for July FA

    At least one of my players is pretty sure the count was not accurate, thinks it was short by a 0, donate 10000 and counting as 1000
  2. neeronie

    Fellowship Adventures 2022

    not sure but one of my players also thought there was a bug in the counting of the coin collection too.
  3. neeronie

    Fellowship Adventures 2022

    coin badge, bad badge, we had to dump coins to free up capacity and jump though all kinds of hoops, not fun
  4. neeronie


  5. neeronie

    Fellowship Adventures 2022

    You have a good point, the teamwork is why I like the Fellowship Adventures. I am frustrated this go around and wish we had a pool though. Real life is going through some dramatic changes again. People go back to the office and in our case, some needing to go for tests and doctor's...
  6. neeronie

    NoRulesJustKidding Winy

    Seeking active players, we have fellows on line at all hours. Like to chat, or like to play quietly, all good. We do encourage helping each other and teamwork.
  7. neeronie

    Bad planning for daily quests in Events

    never did the EE, that is a nice bonus.
  8. neeronie

    Bad planning for daily quests in Events

    True, I'm waiting, collecting 16 relics is only practical during tournament, too. In later stages of the game, available provinces to complete come few and far between since it can take days to scout.
  9. neeronie

    add alternates

    I am doing elements with one of my characters and as an example, the quest has two parts, one with an alternative and the other does not. It is required and needs 6 workshops upgraded to level 28. Luckily I have 6 I can work with. In another city I have sold workshops when I won Magic...
  10. neeronie

    Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

  11. neeronie

    Balancing seeds and mana

    It would be very helpful if a player could choose to make mana or seeds with the building that make those. It would be easier to balance the seeds vs. mana production.
  12. neeronie

    Looking for Active FS for ALL World

    We have room for you at NoRulesJustKidding. we are happy to help you grow and learn more about the game.
  13. neeronie

    Fellowship Adventures Discussion 2021

    I like, like, like it. It helps, some have not caught on for some reason so there may be room for improvement or it may take time for players to recognize what it means. Does it work on all types of electronics like notebooks, etc? For some reason, my players does not seem to respond to...
  14. neeronie

    Artifact Fragments

    totally agree, in my smallest city I crafted some Phoenix buildings in the hopes of getting artifacts in Spire, I managed to get 2 artifacts. What a disappointment. It is a good idea to make buildings available but if they cannot be evolved to an affective level, it is a waste of time and...
  15. neeronie

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    This is in reply to all the replies. that were made on this thread to Dew Spinner which just picked at him. Giving ones opinion and badgering and belittling a response are two different things. I think the changes made to this game in the last year have not met the needs of many, many players...
  16. neeronie

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

  17. neeronie

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    There is your problem, you want to be at the top and not pay the prize. Make a choice, either pay or ignore the top. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Who is saying anything about wanting to be on top, I am saying that it should be doable by most Fellowships without stripping them bare...
  18. neeronie

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    Okay so those Fellowships who are not at 25 with experienced players should just sit it out. 20 provinces are not a realistic goal for lower level players and a waste of troops or more likely goods, just to make badges, in my opinion. So for most Fellowships this has become a grind along with a...
  19. neeronie

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    the arcane residue, is a big problem for players at all levels, the lower level often need to use relics to make the catalyst the craft which can take hours if making multiple low value items or wasteful if making items which give more the 9 and use up excess catalyst. Time boost and a supply...