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Search results

  1. Bethanne Rainbow

    New Quest/Contest Aug 30

    I heard a new event starts tomorrow but I can’t find anything abt it. Help!
  2. Bethanne Rainbow


    Once your fellowship gets past the first 10 chests, what is the benefit for each additional chests? Thank you
  3. Bethanne Rainbow

    Inactive Cities

    That is the BEST idea I have heard! Many thanks! I will give that a try!
  4. Bethanne Rainbow

    Inactive Cities

    I have gone thru 100 inactive cities in the last few days looking for one active player to add to my fellowship. Some of these people haven’t played in years. It’s ridiculous! Worst part of my job is trying to recruit!
  5. Bethanne Rainbow

    New Haven Warriors in Recruiting

    If you are looking for a place to grow, where the people are friendly and experienced, this is the spot. We have two openings at the present time. We offer a Ancient Wonder Club, a tourney push with 10 chests every four weeks, and during the last Fellowship Adventure our score was 51. We also...
  6. Bethanne Rainbow

    Boosted Factories

    Thank you!
  7. Bethanne Rainbow

    Boosted Factories

    Thanks. Seems like I’m always short on goods but maybe that is a problem for everyone. It’s hard to balance with sentient goods too!
  8. Bethanne Rainbow

    Boosted Factories

    What is a good amount of boosted factories to have?
  9. Bethanne Rainbow

    Unsend Messages

    I want the ability to unsend a message. Particularly one that’s been sent to the wrong person or that needs to be reworded!
  10. Bethanne Rainbow

    Steps to joining a fellowship

    I have invited someone to join our Fellowship. She cant find her way. What are the steps so I can direct her. I’ve never had this happen and don’t remember for myself. It’s been too long. Thanks in advance! Bethanne
  11. Bethanne Rainbow

    How Can I Invite People To My Fellowship?

    I always send a personal note along with invite, to tell them a little abt our Fellowship
  12. Bethanne Rainbow

    New Haven Warriors Recruiting

    Looking for one enthusiastic member! We play the tourney, the spire, and the Fellowship Adventure. The last FA we came in the top 80. We support each other with trades, visits, and information. We enjoy competing as a team but like just playing the game even more. We expect two to three star...
  13. Bethanne Rainbow

    The Tournament

  14. Bethanne Rainbow

    The Tournament

    Very cool! Thanks!
  15. Bethanne Rainbow

    The Tournament

    Many thanks!
  16. Bethanne Rainbow

    The Tournament

    How many total points are needed to complete a 10 chest tourney?
  17. Bethanne Rainbow

    Automatic VS Manual Battle

  18. Bethanne Rainbow

    Automatic VS Manual Battle

    Thank you!
  19. Bethanne Rainbow

    Automatic VS Manual Battle

    I have always fought automatically, but was recently total I will lose too many troops that way. Is manual fighting better
  20. Bethanne Rainbow

    Vault of Wisdom

    Ok , I give up! What does the Vault have to touch to connect?