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Search results

  1. NightshadeCS

    What to Teleport to Escape Neverending Air Traders?

    Thanks, @Enevhar Aldarion , that's some helpful strategy.
  2. NightshadeCS

    What to Teleport to Escape Neverending Air Traders?

    I have been stuck in Air Traders for far too long and I need some help. I am planning on teleporting out all unneeded buildings and filling up with ships to try and power through this chapter. I am sitting in the research tree at the T3 upgrades. Elixir is done, but still need to collect the...
  3. NightshadeCS

    Questions About Net Zero KP Swap Method

    I also want to throw another weight on the Net 0 scale. The benefit of being able to contribute to my own wonders should not be overlooked. As a member of a WS, I was FORBIDDEN to put KP in my own wonders (unless I wanted to incur the penalty of doing so). [I have been informed that this is not...
  4. NightshadeCS

    Boost revenue with Aesthetics gamers can get behind

    I like this idea, and it has been suggested before. Just search the Forum for "skins" and you will probably find a few. Personally, I don't think there is a loser side to this for Inno. As has been suggested previously, they could start by simply offering the look of one building of an...
  5. NightshadeCS

    End results of road checks

    You would also need one extra road in that empty square you have by Kirit et al. You probably intended such, but thought I would mention it. Whoops! Look at the other side, NS! I see you do indeed have a road on the left of that set. Also, now that I feel stupid for missing that element, I will...
  6. NightshadeCS

    League Silver Gold World Chart

    I had a similar experience to Eudaemonia. One world with especially good luck ended up in Silver; one city with moderately good luck in Bronze; and one city with no Ash Phoenix and poor luck in Amateur (and minus the Forge). I like what The Unbeliever says regarding FOE and the distribution of...
  7. NightshadeCS

    How many staffs do you still need?

    In other words, it came down to just plain good luck again? :rolleyes:
  8. NightshadeCS

    How many staffs do you still need?

    I have 3 cities, spent my currency today. All three played the same way, maximizing chest selection for grand prizes. Cities A and B have an Ash Phoenix fed. City C does not have an Ash Phoenix. City A got the Forge with 602 SF remaining. City B got the Forge with 351 SF remaining. City C is...
  9. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    Since I figured Phoenix Artifacts could go away at any minute, I crafted that with my BPs. With 0 BPs now in inventory, I can see that MR and MW upgrades do indeed cost 300 diamonds, though it would have been scientifically helpful to do it the other way around and see what the crafting would...
  10. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    Thanks @Kekune ! I only have 27 minutes until my MA refreshes, so this helps me tremendously. : )
  11. NightshadeCS

    Next FA?

    People in the know have said one week. Give yourself some slough of a couple days either direction, though. Inno can be sneaky sometimes.
  12. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    It costs 3 BPs to make the Phoenix artifact, but I don't know how many diamonds it would be replaced with since I have the BPs in inventory (so it doesn't show the diamond amounts for me). I don't know if a BP is just straight up worth 300 diamonds, or if it differs depending on what you are...
  13. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    Can I use diamonds for either of them if I am out of BPs? What are the cost differences, if any, and if anyone knows what they are?
  14. NightshadeCS

    Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    I have a Fire Phoenix at level 8 (evolution). I have several magic residences and one magic workshop in need of upgrade. I only have 3 blueprints, and my FS only does one push tourney every month. I have just started Woodelves (hence the needing to upgrade). A Phoenix artifact has come up in...
  15. NightshadeCS

    Is there a school for AMages?

    Also, if you do want to get continuous help on being an AM, there is a Facebook Group. Here's a link to a thread on this Forum regarding AMs (included there is the link to the FB group): https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/do-you-know-how-to-archmage.7127/#post-218355
  16. NightshadeCS

    Do ya like it hard?

    I would like to see more variety from one event to the next. Maybe large events with some great prizes and a lot of effort required, and then a few smaller, easy events in between the biggies. I have been playing since the beginning, and when it used to be three grand prizes offered, but you...
  17. NightshadeCS

    League Silver Gold World Chart

    Arendyll ... Silver 210 ... Gold 277 Felyndral ... Silver 203 ... Gold 260 Winyandor ... Silver 212 ... Gold 269 Khelonaar ... Silver 211... Gold 275 Elcysandir ... Silver 215 ... Gold 286 Sinya Arda ... Silver 204 ... Gold 268 Ceravyn ... Silver 210 ... Gold 272 Harandar ... Silver 212 ... Gold 280
  18. NightshadeCS

    League Silver Gold World Chart

    Arendyll ... Silver 171 ... Gold 234 Felyndral ... Silver 171 ... Gold 222 Winyandor ... Silver 170 ... Gold 229 Khelonaar ... Silver 0 ... Gold 0 Elcysandir ... Silver 180 ... Gold 243 Sinya Arda ... Silver 0 ... Gold 0 Ceravyn ... Silver 0 ... Gold 0 Harandar ... Silver 0 ... Gold 0
  19. NightshadeCS

    Moonstone Library

    It is not possible because it is not offered as a prize in the Spire anymore.
  20. NightshadeCS

    Tourney question

    And the number of provinces you have in the tournament are the same as the number you have cleared on the world map. So, if you want more tourney provinces, you first need to scout and clear another province of that relic type (planks, crystal, gems, etc.)