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  1. elvenbee

    News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    I'm an Elf and I'm able to get any of the unicorns they offer in events. I currently have 7 different unicorns in my city. If it's offered as a Daily Reward, it shouldn't matter if you are Elf or Human.
  2. elvenbee

    New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    I know it was 4 CCs, but I don’t remember how many spell fragments. Based off I’m guessing they did just that lol
  3. elvenbee

    New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Well, the plane got there successfully since one popped up this am. Thanks for chartering that crackie (;
  4. elvenbee

    Quests Problematic quests in events

    That's because they're only announcing stuff on Discord now. They put out the release note for it on 9/25 with the changes going to effect on 9/28
  5. elvenbee

    It worked for StarTrek

  6. elvenbee

    News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    If you go back and look at Yogi Dave's original post, that was not the original explanation for it. The original post stated "Hide Buildings", so they were upfront and honest about it. Sadly, we couldn't watch the video on the forum. If we had been able to, it would have been apparent what they...
  7. elvenbee

    Discussion- A Gateway into the Past

    It's been that way since I was a kid, so at least 19 years...? (yes, I turn 30 next year, I'm a youngin) My dad would send them as presents to my cousins which is why I know this lol
  8. elvenbee

    Discussion- A Gateway into the Past

    That's actually not true. You can buy a prepaid visa gift card at the grocery store with cash and have it be anonymous. It just has a $7-$8 upfront fee to activate and use it.
  9. elvenbee

    Discussion- A Gateway into the Past

    the pre-paid visa gift cards have like a $7-$8 upfront fee you have to pay to activate it.. there are websites that provide a virtual credit card number to hide your actual information, some banks also offer a virtual card feature (like Capital One) though
  10. elvenbee

    Discord server

    This did not hold true for me. I opened the Elvenar app, clicked on the "Join Discord" link and was immediately taken to the Discord app and accepted the invite to join the server.
  11. elvenbee

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    It’s the one I use every week and I love it:) makes the process easy and quick without having to fiddle around with the ingredients myself
  12. elvenbee

    Answered What happened and how do I get back the Wiki?

    The new layout threw me off too, I understand your confusion;)
  13. elvenbee

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I've seen you mention this a few times, and I whole heartedly agree. Being able to access the donation window in the Cauldron all the time would be wonderful and I'd definitely use it a lot more.
  14. elvenbee

    Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    My comment that you're responding to is from 6/5, before the US forum was notified of this. SillyBubbles brought it to the forum on 6/12, so my comment at the time was still relevant.:rolleyes:
  15. elvenbee

    Why should I craft???

    I craft as much as I can, since I still run low on CC's. Spellfrags are easier for me to get, because I disenchant prior chapter buildings. I always craft the relic spot, for the pet food. The Coin Rains & Supply Windfalls for the FA/events (or when I get a little overzealous on upgrading in a...
  16. elvenbee

    New Game Features Fellowship Adventure Bank

    The first Waypoint on each path is open. If I remember correctly, there is always an easy badge on those - Brews, Wonders, Marbles, Guards, Witch Hats. Even on those switch points, there are those badges so players can still get the map rewards. These are badges you get from regular game play...
  17. elvenbee

    New Game Features Fellowship Adventure Bank

    That boggles my mind... why be in a fellowship if that's how you want to treat your fellows. Crazy.
  18. elvenbee

    New Game Features Fellowship Adventure Bank

    They could just drop an easy badge on another waypoint. We did one path and anyone who didn't snag a spot on the main path would throw down 1 easy badge on another path to receive the rewards.
  19. elvenbee

    Feedback Ancient Wonders Levels Overview on Browser

    hahahaha, I just realized what you were talking about. I don't have a vertical list either
  20. elvenbee

    Feedback Ancient Wonders Levels Overview on Browser

    I use an iPhone and I have it.