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Search results

  1. Goldmines: Is a Great Purge Underway?

    So my cities are only 3 months old at the most. I have read about goldmines, but I don't think I've run into any yet? Or is that just a term for an abandoned city? I seem to have a good handful of active cities in my neighborhood. When I first started playing, and I hadn't scouted far, I...
  2. Rise of the Phoenix Cult event discussion thread

    I def preferred the instants.
  3. Event tips for newbies

    Grr. I read this yesterday and STILL just did this with supplies. :eek: Collected all baskets of groceries, when the first was collect 4, and the next collect 3. I did grab a copy of that list and am enjoying using it, so far I've found the quest list accurate! If I would just check it FIRST...
  4. How DO Humans Do It?

    One thing I did read that helped is that elves buildings are more oriented n/s, and humans are more oriented e/w, if that makes sense. i started expanding to the left of the screen, and it does seem to work better.
  5. How DO Humans Do It?

    ha. I did the same thing where my Ch4 city is elf, and my Ch2 city is human. still trying to figure out if i like it! I am enjoying the army, (especially since I didn't overscout this one!) but yeah... the elves are prettier!
  6. Hello Hello, active player here

    hello and welcome!
  7. Hello Hello!

    Thank you :)
  8. Create a holding tank for Goods

    Simliar to how when one places a trade it takes the offered good out of your inventory, one could "activate" by filling it up one requirement at a time. That's maybe the only way I could see a change working, otherwise, yeah. needing to have all the resources at once has a simplicity to it that...
  9. FA! Is FINALLY over!!! Are you happy or sad?

    too funny! edit: oops, the image didn't come through... forum learning curve too it appears...
  10. FA! Is FINALLY over!!! Are you happy or sad?

    It just feels anti-climactic for me. We didn't make it through Path 3 because we got stuck on the AR's for way too long. Ended one waypoint away with an hour to spare. We had calculated what we needed for other badges, and we probably could have made it right at the end, but it seems it ended at...
  11. Being able to turn building either horizontal or vertical

    at the very first, I thought the same thing. "What? no rotate?!" but having played a few chapters, I like it this way. I find the rearranging and planning for growth/expansion is a fun challenge. If no one has recommended elvengems.com and elvenarchitect.com to you yet, let me be the first!
  12. Squad sizes and Auto-Fighting. Seriously!

    if I scout a "hard" province early on in the game, will that province always be set at "hard" for me, no matter how I level up my troops? I feel like some of my provinces for tournament are harder than others, and maybe I'm imagining things and it's just what @Enevhar Aldarion explained: 1-star...
  13. Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    dwarven brews are easy for me to make - I put out 10 L1 workshops, so it literally takes 10 minutes to make one. easy peasy. (if they aren't tied up in something else at the moment ha) they are the complete opposite end of the spectrum from archanes, imo. i expected a range of easy - hard...
  14. How to Choose a Fellowship

    How I found my FS was a tumble - randomly applied to the ones the game suggested, finally clicked on one that was set to automatically accept people, endured the ghost town crickets for longer than I should have before leaving, by then a few active players in my neighborhood had been visiting me...
  15. Newbie Questions Potpourri

    ch 4 newbie w/similar questions here!! watching this thread to lurk on your replies :)
  16. Hello Hello!

    Thanks for the welcome all :) and the tips!!
  17. The thread of Life.

    "Perhaps" could be spun endlessly into different tales; even telling herself all of them, she would still be none the wiser. - Patricia McKillip (LOVE THIS THREAD!! I love a good quote!)
  18. Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    This is such an interesting thread to follow as a new player (in Ch4! ha) with all the insights to how the FA used to be. All I can add is that yes, my FS is doing one path, and will probably ignore the pit, at least that's what I observed in my first FA. It's pretty casual but we do like the...
  19. Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    This is my 2nd FA and not sure if I just lucked out w/the FA and a Scrolls Tournament overlapping or what, but I only had like 3 scroll relics before the tournament, so that's the only reason I've been able make CCs, and subsequently this badge. Being newer, it seems like one of those badges the...
  20. Hello Hello!

    Getting around to officially saying hi to the forums today! :) I've been playing since new year's-ish, just started Ch.4, and now spending a little more time searching my questions on the forum/wiki/gems and reading up on the myriad of advice out there! I'm currently figuring out my "play...