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Search results

  1. thedarkboo

    Other Finding members for FS

    the thing about inno, is they have access to when you log into the game, so they don't even need to do the shenanigans elvenstats has to with points to figure out if you're active or not. They literally can see if you haven't logged into the game in more than 4 weeks, and just flag you inactive.
  2. thedarkboo

    Forum Yea or Nea for Forum vs Discord

    there needs to be a third option, "both suck" because if it's not in-game, it's hard getting people to use it. OR... to be fair.. make it super super super easy to get people into the forums.. not having unique passwords, or separated servers (us/eu). Basically you should be able to get to the...
  3. thedarkboo

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I actually use discord already for other games, and i thought it was nice to have a better place to chat other than this forum. I kidna feel no one uses these forums already.. and after i saw the poll from platinum leaf, where most players said they wouldn't be using discord.. just another area...
  4. thedarkboo

    Merger Knights of the Nine (Full)

    Over the years, we've been a relaxed fellowship, but now with a change in leadership, we've moved on to become more performance based. We're looking for more players, or merge with others with a similar mindset. Any score if you can meet the following: Weekly Minimums (unless you've messaged...
  5. thedarkboo

    Recruiting Knights of the Nine (Recruiting strong players!l)

    you can check our fellowship stats here: http://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/11589 As a fellowship, we are prioritizing spire players over anything else. If you're a great spire player then we're totally looking for you! Any Score if you can meet the following 2k 4-week average for...
  6. thedarkboo

    Time to say goodbye

    Just read this on the facebook group, and gotta say you've been a pillar of the community Jack, you will be missed. Thank you for everything you've done and the community you've built. -- Boo
  7. thedarkboo

    Knights of the Nine (seeking 1 person)

    It might say 25/25 but we have one person who is leaving soon, please feel free to apply and we can get you in once she leaves.
  8. thedarkboo

    Knights of the Nine (seeking 1 person)

    you can check our fellowship stats here: http://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/us2/11589 Looking for daily players: (Any boost / anyone above 100k+) ------------------------------------ * Tourny - 1600+ points weekly * Spire - isn't mandatory, but we might want to push at some point.. so...
  9. thedarkboo

    Knights of the Nine (seeking 1 person)

    bumping again.. we have 1 opening.. looking for strong tourny players and people who want to do spire push monthly..
  10. thedarkboo

    Knights of the Nine (Looking for 1 player)

    bump, we have 1 opening again.. we're looking for very strong tourny players.. and people who are interested in doing spire.. but maybe just once a month.. not every week. I actually posted this, and my account was deleted probably for inactivity, so had to recreate my account. :)
  11. thedarkboo

    Fellowship Adventures

    I think a simple quality of life change i'd like to see, is instead of having an individual "Adventure Items" list (the hover over for the FA Flag), i'd like to see that turned into a Bank or the entire "Fellowship Adventure Items", that when people collect badges, it just automatically puts it...
  12. thedarkboo

    Recruiting Knights of the Nine - II ️ (open join to all players)

    Knights of the Nine II ️ is recruiting new active members.. any score/level/goods accepted. This is the sister fellowship to the main Knights of the Nine ️, but there are no requirements for NH/Tournies/FA/Events/Spire... the only policy change is that we want people to be active (to the point...
  13. thedarkboo

    Knights of the Nine - 2 (Recruiting)

    bump - Still welcoming any players who are active and specifically looking for tournament players!
  14. thedarkboo

    Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    The whole league thing is so overtly about diamond spenders, that it's off putting really.