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Search results

  1. ExplorerAngelica

    Feedback Version 1.181

    Since Phoenix Artifacts and Bear Artifacts are used in 3 different evolving buildings…they should come around in the spire 3 times more often than any of the other artifacts…and it seems it is just the opposite…they NEVER seem to come around at all… This should be fixed ,,,,Especially since you...
  2. ExplorerAngelica

    The Knights of Good seeking new members US6

    Do you like to play hard and win? We are a fun and very active fellowship. *Absolutely zero drama group – and enforced* We are looking for experienced and committed players who love tournaments, spire, and FA’s. Apply if you are interested, we might have room even if we look full as we often...
  3. ExplorerAngelica

    Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    What is the hobby room?
  4. ExplorerAngelica

    Alternate Production Event Builidings

    Not sure where you find that info
  5. ExplorerAngelica

    Alternate Production Event Builidings

    I think a great new Idea for event buildings would be instead of having ones that Just produce Mana…or just produce Seeds… you have ones that you can switch them from one to the other… buildings like Hungry Treasure and Frozen Owl Cave and Lunar Factory…those types of buildings
  6. ExplorerAngelica

    Cauldron start day

    the cauldron would be much more benifical if it started either the same day as the spire or the same day as the tournaments so that troop boost gained by it are useful
  7. ExplorerAngelica

    More than 5 choices in the Magic Academy

    Since different level players have different preferences on what to craft in the magic academy and you have added additional things that can be crafted in the magic academy.. Why not make the choice of things to craft 10 items to choice from instead of 5 giving more opportunity to get boost...
  8. ExplorerAngelica

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    When will we hear news about how the new expansions can be won…has anyone seen or heard anything?
  9. ExplorerAngelica

    Spire chests

    Instead of artifacts for evolving building that no one wants… how about putting artifacts that some people want like Fire Phoenix, or come up with a new ‘moonstone library’ type set of building for the spire.
  10. ExplorerAngelica

    Diamonds offers…

    What is the deal with some players continually getting 100% extra diamond offers while others never get these… INNO—you should at least be fair about this …..
  11. ExplorerAngelica

    Diamond Sales

    I have discussed Diamond sales with many Elvenar members…and would really like to know why some players consistently get much better sales offers than others… This seems to be a very unfair practice! Everyone should get the 100% extra diamond offer not just a select few.. Why is this being done?
  12. ExplorerAngelica

    Event Bonus offers - Uneven distribution

    Yes…totally discriminatory to offer this 100% to only a select few…One player I know gets this 100% offer about every 2 or 3 months…I have never gotten it…What’s with this… I suppose it is the same with the key offer…and I know that some players get offers of a building which produces...
  13. ExplorerAngelica


    If your fellowship plays the spire for gold..you get 275 diamonds a week…plenty to buy yourself a lot of expansions
  14. ExplorerAngelica

    Make a sentence with 6 letters

    Count only unused new toy yoyo’s. Peanut
  15. ExplorerAngelica

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Genie and the Goddess Of wishes
  16. ExplorerAngelica

    Icon for production and other goods

    It would be great if you could change the icons that show a production is ready in the computer format to match that of the mobile format. Where there is a small white circle behind the icon to make them more clearly visible.