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Search results

  1. onebigscot

    Another Strategy to Save the Forum

    I dont come here often, but its a nice tool when I do have questions because I can search through years of historical posts and most likely find my answer without bothering anyone.
  2. onebigscot

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  3. onebigscot

    What's on Your Thanksgiving Plate?

    Today was leftover turkey and some bacon/biscuit dressing. :)
  4. onebigscot

    It worked for StarTrek

  5. onebigscot

    Parking city before guest races

    Aww man, I've been investing in mine.
  6. onebigscot

    Side tasks? - decline

    @elvenbee IT WORKED! Thank you.
  7. onebigscot

    Side tasks? - decline

    So I'm getting ready to advance to Woodelves. You're saying that when I make that jump I'll be able to decline quests from the previous chapter?
  8. onebigscot

    Side tasks? - decline

    I'm drowning in Elixir, so it isn't a need for me.
  9. onebigscot

    Side tasks? - decline

    Sorry, not sure what better to call these things but they are the tasks we have to complete on the left hand side of the screen. I have attached a picture of one below. I used to be able to decline these things, but that's changed. For this current one, I don't need to raise the level of my...
  10. onebigscot

    Red Panda - Vision Vapor

    Turns out I was missing something...THANK YOU!
  11. onebigscot

    Red Panda - Vision Vapor

    Game version: __ v1.141.4-(c418e42) - html5 (2021-11-16 13:21) Game world: __ Elcy Browser + version: __ Chrome Operating System: __ Windows Screen resolution: __ Account name: __ onebigscot Humans or Elves: __ elves Reproducibility: __= happens always Quest title: __ Current situation: I fed...
  12. onebigscot

    Elvarian Games - League Numbers Bronze, Silver, Gold

    Is this telling me how many people are in each category?
  13. onebigscot

    Is Elvenar Losing its Popularity?

    I'm staying because I like the people in the FS. If I was solely centered on getting blueprints, I would change groups. I would like to get blueprints AND stay with my FS.
  14. onebigscot

    Is Elvenar Losing its Popularity?

    I haven't been playing for long, but long enough to know that I will never see a blueprint. I joined a mid-range guild and I'm happy there. I've been recruited to leave a couple of times but I'm not leaving. So it feels to me like the Inno Devs don't value FS loyalty, its more important to...
  15. onebigscot

    Evolving Buildings Reference

    ...and thank you!
  16. onebigscot

    Time Between Events

    From what I gather...doesn't that depend upon your FS? Now my FS...(the Moon Spinners...check us out on Elcy...we're saving a spot for you) is pretty chill so that would be okay. But aren't there FS's that will bounce people for not participating?
  17. onebigscot


    Thank you! Figures it was operator error. :)
  18. onebigscot

    Moon-Spinners :Recruiting

    I joined as a newbie to the game about 5 months ago. Currently in Ch6 as its been a helpful group.
  19. onebigscot

    The ever increasing recipes in Magic Academy

    Bummer...I thought it was a waste of space. Am I missing something?
  20. onebigscot

    Fellowship Adventures - 2 Steps in Stage Flag taking

    There's confetti? I am SO pulling it the next time I have a chance!!! (note to my mage who visits here...no I won't) ;)