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Search results

  1. Hawk1911

    Add Grid Lines to Move Map

    I would love to have grid lines added to the city map when moving buildings around. Something similar to graph paper, every 5th line is a little lighter or darker. This would really help to have a reference when organizing the city and moving buildings around. Can't think of a reason why...
  2. Hawk1911

    Issues with the improvements

    I'm in the same boat! Disenchanted my Valentines Float from 9 months ago, figuring it will take forever to get my artifacts and why spend 64 RR to upgrade to current chapter. Now I have all 9 artifacts and no base to use them on :( Guess I'll wait another year for it to show up haha!
  3. Hawk1911

    Question on Elvenar XV the Vault of Wisdom

    Also, to move things along later in the chapter, teleport the academies and place 2 more vaults in the place. The Vaults only need to be connected to the agriculture/ alteir/factory and not the main building. When I run out of supplies (whatever they are called) I teleport my vaults and place...
  4. Hawk1911

    Gems of Elvenar

    The guest race guides have been very helpful!! I would like to see those continued. The guides on elvengems superior to any other resource. Regarding events, quest lines etc... maybe a partnership with some of the other teams that develop the information and you could link one another's...
  5. Hawk1911

    About Spire Archive

    The points in the archive stay until you use them, even if you reset your perks and do not level up the Spire Archive again. For example, your FS had a lv3 Spire archive and saved 150 points. The AM then resets the perks and levels up tournament instead, leaving the Spire Archive at 0. All 150...
  6. Hawk1911

    I hit a trip wire

    I tend to agree with @Enevhar Aldarion , The Spire seems to have more random squad distribution. I'll have weeks where it is easy, then one week where it's extra hard. Ironically, Marble weeks are normally easy for me, but this week is killing off some troops becasue those contrary battle...
  7. Hawk1911

    Referral System

    Respectfully, even though it is a top 10 FS, I would categorize your FS as 'Competitive', because your FS gets Silver spire and +10c in tourney. When your FS achieves weekly gold, it would be 'Top Level'. Alternatively, in another scenario, if we decided the number of tournament chests...
  8. Hawk1911

    Referral System

    @Myne @Darielle I like where this is going. I like the 4 levels and definitions; Casual: Everyone is welcome Active: Bronze Spire, +8c tourney Competitive: Silver Spire, +10c tourney Top Level: Gold Spire, +12c tourney It makes sense to me and provides the key pieces of information. Not...
  9. Hawk1911

    Gold Spire Push Starts February 27th in Thornwood on Sinya!!!

    If I wasn't an A-mage in my own FS, I would be signing up. Great write-up Darielle! I'm sure you'll find a great person.
  10. Hawk1911

    Referral System

    Interesting idea @Darielle . I agree that when I'm full up, I would like to have a friend to send recruits too. However, it seams like I'm always looking for one person. People take breaks or have other real life stuff going on. I just lost 2 because their work became too much. I sometimes...
  11. Hawk1911


    My #1 secret to saving up orcs....don't spend them! Sounds simple right? I'll elaborate. I NEVER train Orc Warriors or Orc Strategists in the training grounds. Sure Orc Warriors are good and all, but you don't need them so don't produce any. Orc Strategists are great (especially for elves), so...
  12. Hawk1911

    Rune Shard changes

    @Deborah M I am not suggesting to not helping our friends. I am simply suggesting that there is plenty of time and no need to rush. The community this game has created is what has made this game fun for me. It is about growth, development, generosity, assistance and all the good traits people...
  13. Hawk1911

    Rune Shard changes

    @helya Don't let all the complaints deter you and Inno from making good and positive changes to the game. This was a good change because it allows the players to use a stockpiled item for something useful. My one comment/feedback to Inno is that this is probably one of the most significant...
  14. Hawk1911

    Rune Shard changes

    You are correct that as chapters progress the difficulty of the opponents increases from 1star to 2star and so on. According to Minmax's calculations (done a year or 2 ago) he was able to determine how the squad size is calculated. AW levels is a primary factor (among a few other things) that...
  15. Hawk1911

    Rune Shard changes

    I like the new feature, but I am one of those A-mages advising caution. I run a gold spire FS, and many of my mates are around chpt 10. Some as low as ch3, and some as high as ch18. Adding too many AW levels too fast can make it very difficult to complete the Spire, for those that care. The...
  16. Hawk1911

    Update v1.146

    I agree with @Arkadia I'm not happy with this change. Inno took away what we all need and in return gives us more junk that will never see the light of day. Clear indication that the devs are disconnected and have other objectives at play...I'm guessing that they think this will increase...
  17. Hawk1911

    Spire and Tourney aspirations

    Hi @Equyne. Im currently full at The New Land, but spots open up all the time (it is Saturdayand people move). We're a Gold FS and do about 13-14 chests weekly. We have a great group and Im sure you would love it. I'll send you a message in game so we can connect. Wish you all the best!
  18. Hawk1911

    Is gold spire the new 10 chest?

    Yes, the Spire is the next differentiator. Getting 10chests is so easy, it is considered a byproduct of an active fellowship. @SoggyShorts Thank you for the rewards report!! I too, trade near worthless supplies and a little time for those rewards. This game is founded on a moderately...
  19. Hawk1911

    Stonehenge artifacts

    I agree 100%! I've finished a Storm Phoenix to lv10 and considered starting an Aureate Phoenix lol. I see Phoenix artifacts at least 4 times per week. On the flip side, I saw a gingerbread artifact today, first time in 2 months. Haven't seen a Stonehenge artifact in over 3 months. Never seen a...
  20. Hawk1911

    100% Spire!! All 25 made it!

    Unfortunately one of my long standing members decided to take an extended break. So we're recruiting again. Lol