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Search results

  1. Ms Molly

    Fellowship Adventures Guide

    Thank you, Lelanya! You are awesome not only for providing this information but ensuring it is up-to-date!
  2. Ms Molly

    Join before the FA starts! 100 KP sign-on bonus!

    Good Golly Gang has 3 spots open! Hurry and get them while they are hot! :-) In anycase, before you apply, please read our Fellowship Discription...it says it all! We are a team and we love all our team members....if you want in on the love, come join us!
  3. Ms Molly

    Fellowship Adventures Guide

    Are these figures up-to-date?
  4. Ms Molly

    Fellowship Adventures Guide

    @Lelanya ....Thank you ever so much for this information! It is incredibly helpful and super-much appreciated!
  5. Ms Molly

    The Food Game

  6. Ms Molly

    Good Golly Gang looking for active players

    We are looking for active players to join the Good Golly Gang. Active is the operative word here....size does not matter. That you login and visit your fellowship mates at least 3 times a week is more important than size. We are pretty laid back but have started looking to get 10 chests every...
  7. Ms Molly

    When the game becomes a job, it's no longer fun

    We do have rehab fellowships....the FSs that state clearly that they have no minimums to achieve and allow people to play the way they want. Its good for the soul even for larger players to join one of these laid-back FSs for a while to take a break! Having said that.... Crackie, you are...
  8. Ms Molly

    When the game becomes a job, it's no longer fun

    I think that is a great idea....I would add the ability to chose in the FA as well as "events" : i.e., participate / not participate / see / not see FA paraphernalia
  9. Ms Molly


    We are looking for a couple team players. We want help in making us a 10+ chest tourney fellowship and going higher in the Spire. We have moved from 169 to 161 in fellowship rankings and hope to move higher and higher! If you are looking for team spirit and cooperation as well as help growing...
  10. Ms Molly


    Good Golly Gang is looking for players who believe in team work and helping your fellowship mates. We are a young fellowship and we are growing. We do not have minimums that must be met, but everybody is expected to contribute to the Spire, Tourneys, and FAs as best they can, especially when we...
  11. Ms Molly

    78 Gold Spire weeks in a row & 19 chests a week!? Boom! (Maximum Effort is Recruiting)

    LOL! I love your posting!!! If I were not already the archmage of my own group (Good Golly Gang) I would be BEGGING TO JOIN you and your team! It is like it is the dream fellowship! All my best wishes to you and yours!!! :-)
  12. Ms Molly

    A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Thank you, Darielle! I will contact Sir Squirrel to let me in...tomorrow. Late here and I'm bouncing off the walls....need sleep!!! :p Thank you Ed! (Still bouncing off the walls.....neeed sllleeeep! But I wanted to thank you before going off to zzzzzzzzzz land! :) )
  13. Ms Molly

    A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I wanna know what the "Buddy Fan Club" is and....depending on what it is, I want to know if I can be a member!!! ;)
  14. Ms Molly

    Invitation for 4 players! Arendyll---- ONE Opening Left!!!!

    We have filled 3 of the four spaces we had opened...so, now we have just the one opening left!!! Would be super excited to get someone who is boosted in Marble, Silk, and Gems.....but, will be very happy to have anyone who is active, friendly, and helpful. Come check us out....we really are a...
  15. Ms Molly

    A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Well, my alter ego played in Beta....I thought it was a marvelous change for an event....I found it engaging and a whole bunch more fun than the usual event playscript!
  16. Ms Molly

    Fellowship Adventure

    My wonderful little Fellowship usually gets through all three paths and hits the Pit for a short while...this time, we will never finish the third path and will never see the Pit.....very sad. Inno is really testing their player's loyalty here. If things remain as this FA has shown us, then, I...
  17. Ms Molly

    Invitation for 4 players! Arendyll---- ONE Opening Left!!!!

    I forgot to mention....we are inviting players of all sizes. There are many of us who have lots of experience...so, if you are a new player, we have the experience to help you out. Everyone is welcome, no matter the size!
  18. Ms Molly

    Invitation for 4 players! Arendyll---- ONE Opening Left!!!!

    The Good Golly Gang is looking for 4 players who have only boosted manufactories and put up only 2 and 3 star Tier-to-Same Tier trades. Cross trading is no longer allowed in this Fellowship. Other than these two requirements there are no minimums or participation requirements. We are relaxed...
  19. Ms Molly

    Trader Improvement

    Well, I am doing something about it....rather than waiting for my lazy players to do anything constructive....In a fellowship that previously had no rules or minimums to meet, I have now instituted two rules: (1) No cross trading. In the event that the individual desperately needs to cross...
  20. Ms Molly

    Tournament Summary

    And, it would be a simple change to just add the number of chests achieved. Not like I am asking for a serious revamping of the interface.