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Search results

  1. Kataphractos

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    Hello Helya! Heard you were heading out, so I came to offer my condolences and/or congratulations, as appropriate. Hopefully our next CM will be as good as you! In the meantime, I notice we've got a lack of beverages at this party, so I brought this: Stock Photo of Generic Soda. "Is it diet or...
  2. Kataphractos

    Hello Hei fra Norge (Hello from Norway!)

    Hey there, hi there, hello there!
  3. Kataphractos

    Get Well Soon Helya

    Good luck, Helya!
  4. Kataphractos

    Hello Metro Detroit here

    Hello Bretonrae!
  5. Kataphractos

    Hello Back Again

    My condolences, but welcome back.
  6. Kataphractos

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    I was infourmed there would be no math...
  7. Kataphractos

    Fellowship Spire tab

    It seems like the devs -- and certainly the high-level players -- consider the Spire to be as important as Tournaments for Fellowship-level play. That being the case, I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be given its own tab in the Fellowship menu. And the menu does have room for a sixth tab...
  8. Kataphractos

    Hello Greetings

    Hi Draegan!
  9. Kataphractos

    So you've just been moved

    I was just moved last week. I checked my Notifications, and sent a "hello I'm your new neighbor" message to every name I didn't recognize. Of course, it took me a while...
  10. Kataphractos

    Defensive Stance

    Finally, I think I might have been unclear about something: Defense/Hold/Etc. would also cause the unit to skip its turn. The unit still remains where it is, zero movement. It just gets a tiny defense bonus until its next turn.
  11. Kataphractos

    Defensive Stance

    Obviously I'd prefer "ensuring a richer mobile experience" to take priority over "granting a 5% defense bonus in manual battles". I think we all would. But if that should ever happen, and we enter a brave new world where combat is equally important to both mobile- and browser-users...then maybe...
  12. Kataphractos

    Defensive Stance

    I referenced the Cerberus/Wild Archer pair-up in Downsides, precisely because I know certain units counter other units. But as you said yourself, when your Cerberus is facing a Knight, the best choice is "running away" -- not skipping the turn. End Turn, in itself, offers no advantage to that...
  13. Kataphractos

    Summonings Inventory: Search or Sort

    How would you like the sorting feature to work? Alphabetical order? By function?
  14. Kataphractos

    Hello Hello Everyone

    Hey there hi there hello there!
  15. Kataphractos

    Defensive Stance

    Details: In combat, a unit can skip its turn with the "End Turn" button. But there is no advantage to doing this. I propose replacing End Turn with "Defensive Stance" -- or "Hold Steady", or some similar phrase -- which grants the unit a 5-10% defense bonus for remaining in place. Benefits...
  16. Kataphractos

    Hello Hello

    I would also like to say hello! So...um...hello!
  17. Kataphractos

    Fellowship lists should show both Player counts and Active Player counts

    There are six columns in the "Members" tab already: rank, player name, score, AW help, neighbor help, and title. I know that in the browser version of Elvenar, the name and title columns are just a little bit wider than they need to be. In theory, you could reduce their width slightly, and you'd...
  18. Kataphractos

    Troops and AW's

    As far as Armories go: it's generally a good idea to have at least two Armories, upgraded as high as you can get them. But remember that Armories only affect the size of your "training squads", not the squads you send out into combat. To put it another way: Armories affect how many troops you...
  19. Kataphractos

    How do I increase my Granite supply?

    Granite is a "settlement resource". (In this case, for the Dwarf settlement in Chapter 6.) Settlement resources can't be traded like Tier 1/2/3 goods. You have to make them yourself, with the settlement building which specializes in that resource. At least for the Dwarf settlement, the resource...