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  1. Gylldor

    Legacy artifacts & buildings =Awesome!!

    I’m increasingly interested in the idea of a Spire shop. The RNG thing for the Boss chests is often disappointing. I’ve been going all out hoping to win Mermaids Paradise artifacts while they’re in the queue, but keep getting Dwarven Armorers-which is kind of a drag since I’m not presently...
  2. Gylldor

    Legacy artifacts & buildings =Awesome!!

    I liked the idea of a Spire shop-thanks.
  3. Gylldor

    Spire Shop

    In general terms, the Spire shop is an excellent idea. I would hope that it was set up to work well for players like me who are not currently in a fellowship. I love playing the Spire (did not enjoy the FAs) and would like to have more than just random possibilities to work for. I have been...
  4. Gylldor

    Legacy artifacts & buildings =Awesome!!

    I do wish that they would provide a mechanism within the game (like the trader) that would enable players to exchange items in addition to standard goods. For instance, I have accumulated a vast amount of spell fragments - many more than I can ever possibly use. Trading artifacts, spells...
  5. Gylldor

    Legacy artifacts & buildings =Awesome!!

    Kudos to the developers for introducing the legacy artifacts and buildings into the current game!!! Recently, I noticed that artifacts to evolve some of the great older event buildings (which predated my entry into the game) were showing up in Spire chests. Actually, I was quite surprised...
  6. Gylldor

    The Air Traders Voyage Event Discussion

    I’m really enjoying the Air Traders event! I think that hacking the event quests might be my favorite Elvenar activity. It’s great to have troop platoons and regiments in the prize chests - also appreciate the MMs!! Really NOT that interested in the ships - very large - mostly kinda gaudy &...
  7. Gylldor

    Young Elven settlement seeks Fellowship

    The Athenian Guild would welcome you if you’re in Arendyll.
  8. Gylldor

    Artifacts for Evolving Buildings ...

    I wish there were a way to acquire evolving spells for the evolving buildings that come through the MA. I crafted a Mermaids Paradise because I like the aesthetics. I also crafted a Panda Bear for the same reason. Both are stage 1 & it would be great to move them up a stage once in a while...
  9. Gylldor

    New Player Seeking Friendly Fellowship

    You’d be very welcome at the Athenian Guild. Great team-nice people. We enjoy helping newer players.
  10. Gylldor

    Seeking low key FS

    The Athenian Guild would welcome you galadrune! We’re pretty low key, but there’s an active core group that hits the tournaments and the Spire every week. We usually take 4-chests and a bronze medal. No pressure at all-pleasant & helpful teammates. Your boosted marble, silk & gems would be a...