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Search results

  1. ORCS

    thanks - I need them for fighting
  2. ORCS

    which is better - grounds of the orc or nests ???
  3. Orcs

    got one level 13 - need to get it higher
  4. Orcs

  5. Orcs

    How to create more orcs faster - or just plain more - have 6 armories - highest level I can get them atm - 35 - anything other then little orc camps that will give me more ??
  6. phoenix and bears

    what are the differences between the various phoenix - and for that matter - the bears
  7. Graywolf Village ( Recruiting )

    what will be your requirements - as to spire ?? - Saerwin
  8. ANTEDILUVIAN vs Death & Taxes

    I did in E world - waiting to see what occurs in Khelonaar
  9. Searching

    would like to know of a FS that does not require or care about spire - daily player going into Constructs
  10. Phoenix Rising II Wants You

    zero-star trades are unfair and no one in their right mind will take them - you are wasting your time if you think anyone will accept
  11. Barracks

    Question - is it necessary to keep barracks in the later worlds when those battle units are rarely if ever used - the barracks takes up so much room which could be put to better use?????
  12. Elvenar - toolboxes

    I see - have to research improved vault of wisdom ??
  13. Elvenar - toolboxes

    I have a 6 hour production and a 15 hour - I assume I have to upgrade vault to a 2 ?? and where do find info - I looked at Elvenar chapter and saw nothing regarding what exactly you are building ?? and ty for answers
  14. Elvenar - toolboxes

    How does one produce toolboxes in Elvenar - have everything built - just finished Vault of Wisdom and have it connected to all it needs - little face at side wants toolboxes produced