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Search results

  1. Confirmed new bug. Can not select favorite ancient wonder

    I have reported a new bug that affects both the iOS and Android apps (not sure about browser interface). It was introduced on the latest release that added the Ancient Wonder tab to the notifications panel. The bug is that the game crashes if you try to set an Ancient Wonder as the favorite...
  2. Method to rearrange the city

    Why, both are Inno games.
  3. Method to rearrange the city

    But they already have the code. The programming for Forge of Empires and Elvenar must be based on the same base. The mechanics of the city are the same. Streets and buildings. They behave the same. The mechanics are the same. Some buildings need to be connected to the ‘main’ building in...
  4. Method to rearrange the city

    I feel like we at Elvenar are 2nd class citizens. Why should Forge of Empire players have this facility and we do not. Inno makes both games and the game mechanics are the same.:mad:
  5. Method to rearrange the city

    Forge of Empires has a really God method to edit the city. It uses a sandbox kind of thing so you can move the buildings and streets around. It also allows you to temporarily store buildings and streets so you have room to rearrange city. This rearranging does not affect the actual city. At...
  6. List of icons

    Is there somewhere a list of icons and their meaning. Some of the really tiny ones, like for troops are not meaningful as far as I can see. A friend gave me this list for goods, but that is all he has.