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Search results

  1. Crimson Dragons Crew looking for members

    I replied to you in game, but we only have room for 6 people at this time. We'd love to have you, but you would probably need to break your group up into 2 groups, so I understand if that doesn't appeal to you. Best of luck!
  2. Crimson Dragons Crew looking for members

    We have lost some players recently, and are looking to grow again. We have room for up to 9 new people, so you can come alone, or bring some friends with you. Contact us in game, either me, Linnea Shadowwalker, or my archmage, Power Lord James. We are a relaxed group that achieves great things...
  3. Trades Why so many bad sentient goods trades?

    The only world that I am into sentients is Arendyll. So my comments may only apply there. I don't like the one-star trades, and don't take them. And I try to avoid taking any 2 or 3 star sentient trades from the people who post 1-star most of the time. But... one of my fellows accidentally...
  4. Will get through Chapter 16 or break trying.

    Yes, this is where I am. I haven't gotten to research needing capped resources yet, so PPs aren't useful yet. Making 120 every 3 hours, needing a total of 4600, takes almost a week without using time boosters. And that is with a level 30 BTG.
  5. Will get through Chapter 16 or break trying.

    I have the opposite problem, as I have been KP locked several times in this chapter waiting on guest race production. Right now I'm waiting for propositions to unlock the next research. Should be able to open the next research in 3 days.
  6. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Thanks, I'm saving a copy to use when I eventually get there.
  7. Favorite AW First

    I like this idea. Other variations to consider: 1. Being able to toggle between seeing all AWs, or seeing the same view that others see of your AWs. In other words, seeing only the AWs you have placed in your city. 2. Having 2 tabs, one with all the AWs like now, and the ability to mark...
  8. Convent voting HERE ends 11/01 at midnight Eastern

    42, 17, 21, 2, 28 2 Buddys' Bastian of Beautification 17 Abbey of Lampions Lost 21 Cloister of the Copious Coin Rains 28 Saint Edeba's Convent for Wayward Elves 42 Convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Snacks
  9. Advice Please - Adding an AW

    I agree with dragon abbey as a top AW. You can't beat that mana on demand!
  10. Building design choice

    I like this one! I would totally vote for it.
  11. NetZero outside of fellowships

    For the first part, I want netZero, not exchanges. Not that exchanges are bad. Just not what I am looking for. For the second part, that is a valid point, and something that people would have to consider. Some fellowships really care about that. Maybe offer the netzero chests to their own...
  12. NetZero outside of fellowships

    So, I'm a big fan of netZero. But not all my fellowships use it. And I like my fellowships and don't want to leave. But it occurred to me that you don't need to be in a fellowship together to do netZero. Anyone added to the email will be able to participate. I am thinking that we would need a...
  13. Helya shares her snack hoard

    Thanks for everything you have done here. You have been such a breath of fresh air, and I will miss you a lot.
  14. AW society vs NetZero vs X...which is best for someone with no experience?

    I'll put my 2 cents in about net zero. I think it's the easiest system to use. I am in 6 fellowships. 3 use email chains, 2 use netzero, and 1 uses shout-outs. In my fellowships with email chains, every time I log in, there are multiple messages waiting to be read. I open it, peruse the list...
  15. Dwarven Citadel layout with 2 extra buildings

    thanks @The Fairy
  16. Dwarven Citadel layout with 2 extra buildings

    Does anyone have a good layout for the dwarven citadel full set plus an extra moon vendor and gates of dawn? This is the best I could come up with, but it is a very awkward shape, and the second gates of dawn doesn't have the full output as it lacks 3 connections.
  17. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I went to the wiki, and checked the info, and you are right that the percentage of gold/supplies you get when helping does change as you upgrade your main hall. I had checked mine at lower levels when I upgraded, and saw that it didn't change, and assumed it stayed that way. But I was wrong, and...
  18. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Both the golden hands and the wholesaler cost are based on a percentage of the main hall capacity. When you upgrade the capacity, both increase by the same percentage. So the number of golden hands needed to buy from the wholesaler doesn't change. So I don't see the benefit there.
  19. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I don't know how to explain it. All I know is that when I was in chapter 2 and 3, I was really struggling to fit everything I thought I needed into the space available. I didn't have enough residences/population while still having the space to upgrade all my factories. And then I realized that I...
  20. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Like @MaidenFair said, there are multiple methods that work. I like to have 8 T1, 6 T2, and 3 T3.* Which is possible with a lower level main hall. *Once Forbidden Ruins came out, I was able to get rid of all my T3s.