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Search results

  1. One Word Reply Game

  2. Change default Trader view to trade listings

    @crackie -- I can't let the subtle inference about Helya go unchallenged. She DOES happen to be in more than one Fellowship having multiple members. She does play the game, as do the developers. They all encounter the same "hardships", dreaded experiences, and challenges that we ordinary...
  3. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Thank you for your candid opinion. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to comment. However, using your logic in this post, we should not be able to trade for goods at all. If we get low on steel, it's our fault for not making more, right? Sorry, but with all respect, I believe...
  4. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    I'm aware of the need to ask for a poll, but I wanted to get some player input before doing that.
  5. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Manipulating tournment/spire costs was never in my mind. I merely wanted to make it possible to keep the spells going instead of having a 3-6 week dry spell every tournament cycle. I'm sure the programmers can find a way to limit what we could do with our relics. They could allow a limited...
  6. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Not everyone fights. I never do. I negotiate exclusively and always have. I've been playing for four years and I know that this is something that's needed in the game.
  7. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    I understand your position here. But it's the same as saying everyone should manufacture their own goods instead of trading for them. Relics are a commodity just like any other goods. Yes, we would have to be careful about keeping enough on hand. Just like we have to be careful to keep...
  8. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    That never even entered my mind. I think that would involve a lot more effort than it would be worth.
  9. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Trading relics would be for everyone. In spite of participating in the tournaments as much as possible, I still run out of certain relics WAY before they come around again in tournament play. I sometimes have to wait several weeks to be able to create some spells. It holds up the game and is...
  10. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Thank you, Geralt!
  11. Finding Places and Hidden Spaces

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I vote Yes!!
  12. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    This would be no more troublesome than trading our boosted goods, or using spells to increase our output. The player would have to learn to keep track of their relics and not trade away the ones they will need. It's simply another aspect of the game, like planning other resources. Does anyone...
  13. Allow Us to Trade Relics

    Why not trade relics? They are a commodity, just like marble, crystal, gems, obsidian, ink, etc. Being able to trade relics with other players would add a new and welcomed dimension to the game. It would increase our options and our ability to progress smoothly through the game. So many...