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Search results

  1. It worked for StarTrek

  2. Differentiate Ancient Knowledge Point (KP) Icons

    This would be great and I think it would help folks who use the NetZero KP donation program.
  3. Fellowship Spire tab

    Excellent idea! This would be so helpful for AM and mage teams.
  4. "I Love THIS"

    I love how the game provides social and creative outlets! I have disability where I'm stuck in bed with pain a majority of my day and the city building aspect is a fantastic creative outlet for me, I enjoy the city graphics and playing Town Tetris, arranging my city every chapter to get...
  5. They shot the tournament feature in the foot

    I had a similar experience. Years ago I posted on the forum and my comment criticizing an event was ripped to shreds. I deleted my comment and haven't posted much since. Folks here are brutal! You criticize the game and are told to suck it up or quit. Sigh... the only reason I haven't quit this...
  6. Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    Thanks for the clarification :)
  7. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Thank you for proposing again in the ideas and suggestions thread. I know this has come up in many threads before and it's frustrating that the devs aren't listening. I'm not new to the game but new to the forum and rarely ever post but felt the need to post, seriously dev, this is a huge...
  8. Developers Working on Scroll Solution

    I honestly thought the scrolls excess issue had already been posted on the ideas and suggestions forum. This is not the first or only thread I've read about the problem with scrolls excess and how it hurts scrolls boosted players. Edit: I'm not new to the game but new to the forum and rarely...
  9. Elvarian Carnival discussion

    I am also sad the wishing wells do not appear as another daily prize. Only offering it on day one is some passive aggressive BS Inno!
  10. Winter Magic Event Feedback

    While I'm fond of free stuff, I'm not very fond of the style of this event. Winning daily prizes seems greatly reduced with the shuffle option, wasting many ribbons with luck of the draw trying to either find the daily or find the re-shuffle prize (and winning a lot of underwhelming things in...
  11. Friendly fellowship looking for members or possible merge

    We're a great little drama-free group with active play in trades, visits, and tournaments but we've been struggling for awhile to find interested players to fill our fellowship. We currently have 11 players and we'd like to find like minded players to join. We would be willing to discuss a merge...