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Search results

  1. It is disgusting

    You complete all the quests and do no better than iron. Unacceptable disgusting and totally effed up
  2. Ch 21 goods

    Okay so the first set of 4 items are made in the workshops. The second sed of 4 are made in the hordes. Where is the third set of four made?
  3. Ch 21 quest line

    Hmmm they do not match to what I see but thanks
  4. Ch 21 quest line

    Been trying to find the list of quests for ch 21 and can not find it. Any help is welcome
  5. Vallorean workshops

    Quest line asks to build 9 but after you are done can you cut back to 7 or 8 once you start upgrading to level 2 and above?
  6. Silver level

    What is the 16 box
  7. Silver level

    It is impossible to get to silver level without biggly luck or spending money. You are at the mercy of others catching up with you towards the end. Seems inno has sadistic joy keeping you right on the cusp then you fail. Soooo close but toooo bad. Try again next time and better luck
  8. Buying diamonds

    There used to be 4200 diamonds sale offer for 19.99. How about reviving that and btw if you always show a price and amount all the time that isn't a discount. That is the real price
  9. Silver level

    Spending diamonds is spending cash. Let's be real here. Call it whatever you want and yes you gain diamonds from effort but sorry I consider my time as having value and if you are at end game you find out buying provinces are the only expense
  10. Silver level

    Well it stinks that without spending real dollars you have no chance of getting the silver level and I was close ONLY because I won a lot of 200 awards. Do it for gold sure but why does how others play matter to my award. Yeah this stinks
  11. Spire cooldown

    What bldg helps spire cooldown
  12. More provinces

    Other than spending real cash how do people afford to get those last rows? I am 31st on ceri and everyone ahead is at least 8 or more provinces with stuff. My next is 8500 so those last ones have to be 10s of thousands
  13. Silver league

    What email is that
  14. Silver league

    Where do u get those
  15. Silver league

    What is a stash house
  16. Silver league

    You have to spend stupid amounts of real cash to get into silver and forget gold level. STOP IT. Way unfair
  17. Feedback Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    Is there a way to tally up or gather the needed counts for the 3 rounds of the needed items like statues or groceries or toolboxes so I can post counts we need in email threads
  18. Ranking increases

    Yup working aw but those typically provide a 1k boost or so
  19. Ranking increases

    Finished ch 20 so right now the only things to work on are better paths and moving up in ranks. Looking at my city I have 1 res and. 4 WS to level. After that all I see are adding armories so any ideas are welcome on what to do until ch comes out whenever that is
  20. Chapter 20 quest 79

    On one site it states you need to donate 1 song. On another site it states you need as an option to donate 2 so can anyone confirm which one it is please