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Search results

  1. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    The sack of coins is now the hardest item to obtain for everyone in our FA regardless of their level. We are seriously stuck on coins right now... I might be done with the FA in the future, this is ridiculous.
  2. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I don't plan on placing this building in my city. Would love to use evolving artifacts won from this event to upgrade brown bear though!! ;)
  3. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    On a lighter note, how about that Hungry Treasure building!? I ended up with one of these and didn't really pay much attention to what it actually was and then saw it in action in a fellows city! LOL! That tongue is wild! I'm not even going to mention what immediately popped in my head but yeah...
  4. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    I just filled out the survey sent out to gather info about this latest event, however the survey didn't let me add any comments about why I rated some things from the event low. I have two cities, both still below chapter 10. I completed all of the quests in both cities with a good day and a...
  5. Ancient Wonders

    Hello, As I was clicking one by one on various cities on the world map to check on the progress of other players AW's that I made a contribution to, I had an idea that would save so much time. Whenever we give neighborly help to other cities on the map, there is a countdown that shows up on...
  6. ancient wonders

    There are quite a few ancient wonders that I will never use. It would be great if we had a way to block/lock them or deactivate so that they don't continue to earn shards/relics, that way they don't continue to earn relics when the relics could be going towards the ancient wonders that we...