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Search results

  1. Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    I'm loosing a player.... they are fed up.... :(
  2. News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    It's a game killer... Catch-22 and does nothing but counter what a BUILDING game should be. Why does INNO keep doing the opposite of building within this game? And when they do something good, it's only a matter of time before they nerf it in some way that further enhances the negative. I'm...
  3. Has Inno finally lost the plot?

    I lost 300,000 culture... gained some population, and checked my AWs... Enar looks to be better... along with Thrones... But now, how can you build when you have virtually no RRs and will run out of Frags after ONE upgrade... You can't build when your culture is in the minus! I have 5 RRs...
  4. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I can't access Discord because my computer's too old to upgrade my OS... and I'm not buying another computer when this one is a monster, my server and perfectly useable in every way I need. I'll be shifting over to Linux soon enough, but this forum is perfect for information seekers regarding...
  5. It worked for StarTrek

    Can't use Discord without buying a newer computer... Black watch
  6. The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    I usually make Siver very easily in every event. My summonings is full of pieces I'll probably never place, however... I have them... This is the first event I played where I reached IRON.... I was stunned. I did nothing different... I don't go for dailies because I pretty much have all the...
  7. Poaching of players should be banned

    I've had three people hacked by outside sources that must have thought it fun to ruin a husband and wife's playing. The third player, I know truly loved the game... Sad... I suddenly have four openings and I'm looking to FS's that might want to merge. I know of two other FS's that are looking...
  8. fellowship chat censorship

    Hey now, don't get cocky!
  9. City movement

    I miss a few of my old neighbors and the banter etc. But... Yeah, BUT... I'm getting ALL my culture buffed, even the temp boost buildings and my MH is loaded. I'm visiting the wholesaler 2-3 times a day. Yesterday, only four spots were dark within ALL ten pages! I'm trying to visit back as much...
  10. Fellowship Progression Feature

    It just gives me a headache...
  11. City movement

    I had four FS members in my old neighborhood, now only one in my new one. The trades have been on the low side, usually two-star, but small. Nothing bad there. A pretty decent balance of power is scattered throughout the cities. I'm now neighbors with Muck. That's cool. I see only about 6 cities...
  12. City movement

    I just got back from a trip and have been dealing with RL issues. I logged on and boom. Wow, it was a shock to find I had been moved. A lot of people don't like change(s) in their life, I'm fairly well in that camp. This game is one of my havens after a day of work, or especially after a bad...
  13. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    So I checked the other sets.... they all gave Culture and a product... so I guess this set's "product" is population... so... I guess that's okay, Right? LOL I guess if I wasn't sitting on 30,000 plus population it would be different. I should shut up now... Chapter 16.
  14. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    I hate the fact that two of the set pieces don't have connection bonuses or productions.... they are only good for pop and cult.... all my other sets make this one look bad... Carnival and Christmas Owls.... I won't even go through the Air Traders or Chess set etc I have packed away to see how...
  15. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    Thanks Soggy! Really helped... you and Tomato are a godsend.
  16. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    Has anyone posted information on the set yet. Gems doesn't seem to have any.
  17. Tournament/Spire Formula SUCKS!!

    You can do that, I wouldn't have it any other way... Everyone should have a word or two... :)
  18. Tournament/Spire Formula SUCKS!!

    When things stop being random for... oh, for four months... It's okay to bitch a bit... I'm just getting the same old thing. That said, many people are fed up with INNO's Tourney algorithm and the spire has gotten seriously hard for no apparent reason than to just be punitive. As Archmage of the...
  19. The Fairy Queen's Garden

    Oh hell, really ... we were just... okay, I just got caught up on several threads and the issue of scrolls associated with the Spire Library came up as a negative. Well I liked that, but yeah, there can be a point where a good thing is too much. How about T-2 non boosted, or perhaps... oh never...
  20. Spire Shop

    A fine idea and with plenty of feedback that illuminates possible tweaks and avenues of progression. Drop down menu's don't have to have a very limited amount of items within it. There could be a substantial amount of buildings/boosts/artifacts etc there to allow for flexibility for folks of...