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Search results

  1. Phoenix of Valinor

    Are you needing a laid back FS Phoenix of Valor US 3 is looking for new members to join us. We have room for 6 come give us a try, all boost and levels are welcome. Contact nikimi or apply.
  2. Phoenix of Valinor seeking new teammates

    Are you looking for an active FS? We maybe the right place you. We are Phoenix of Valinor on US3 we have 2 openings.
  3. Phoenix of Valinor US3

    POV is seeking 3 players, we are a 10 chest tournament FS. We are looking for players who have a desire to go to the top of Spire. Please message Nikimi with your boost.
  4. Phoenix of Valinor

    US3 Felyndral, is looking for a player's boosted in Steel or Crystal. We do a 10 chest push once a month for tournament, have kp swap's and do 2&3 star trade's. Mobile players are wel Contact nikimi
  5. Phoenix of Valinor

    Phoenix of Valinor US3 Felyndral is looking for a steel player. Please come and check us out. We do Fellowship Adventure, do 10 chest pushes at tournaments and fair trades.
  6. Rumor has it that the non-working /who feature isn't going to be fixed

    My FS has gone from being a very chatty bunch to almost nothing. This is very sad how can a feeling of a community be created. Hey, Inno are you here? Nope can't see if you are on line.
  7. Feedback: Walpurgis Night

    I have enjoyed this one, a fun, and stress-free quest.