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Search results

  1. General Feedback

    Is that another one of those words or phrases.
  2. Pheonix event

    They expect you to use Event Quests to get 2 Artifacts; then participate in the next FA for the possibility of getting 2 more Artifacts.
  3. Version 1.173

    Google Play Store had it available when I went to login on Wednesday.
  4. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Just to verify the Feeding Effect is only for Spire not Tournament or Provinces.
  5. Version 1.169.2- did someone forget to tell us something?

    According to the information describing the Game it has updates every 2 weeks.
  6. Black Friday Sale

    With time limit it makes them Black Friday Doorbusters.
  7. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    Elvenar Wikipedia doesn't show an accurate description of quantities needed for some Badges.
  8. September 2022 FA Live Worlds??

    This was also posted in game under announcement banner.
  9. Idioms ~

    You can lead a Orc to water, but you can't get them to bathe.
  10. Autumn Zodiac 2022

    @Lelanya it's to bad that they couldn't have created some more small expiring Structures like Garden Stone & Flower Fields. The description they give for Royal Jelly would make it ideal to increase the feeding effect of your Bears.
  11. Autumn Zodiac 2022

    What is Royal Jelly used for?
  12. Autumn Zodiac 2022

    Which Star cluster shows a Raccoon?
  13. Why did you quit a game?

    I have never quit a game thru my actions. Instead several games have quit me. All of a sudden the game stops & when I get back to it; my data has been compromised so hey just start over. Not going to happen.
  14. An non-relevant discussion

    @Muffy I resent that comment I've been a Kevin since 1929.
  15. An non-relevant discussion

    Gru from Despicable Me Movies. Grut from Guardian of the Galaxy Movies.
  16. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Think Queen Fairy's Retreat.
  17. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Except for time between FAs. There's nothing to prevent the developers from adding another Event with a Set Building Grand Prize.
  18. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Wasn't there 3 events between last FA and the most recent one.
  19. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    When is this Thread being closed since it's been a while since the new Chapter.
  20. update v1.149

    Which update allows you to teleport Guest Race Structures. With the exception of the Portal, I was able to teleport all my Buildings to make room for the itty-bitty Structures needed for a FA.