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Search results

  1. World Map Player Customization of the Help Building Picker

    I imagine that a good way to solve the problem of maximizing the Lighthouse of Good Neighbor is to allow players to individually favorite mana buildings if they have the lighthouse. That way the smaller mana buildings won't be prioritized.
  2. World Map Player Customization of the Help Building Picker

    I like the suggestion of having a type of building favorited. In addition to making it easier to polish what players want, it frees up the city's title so as to allow for some creativity, which is what was intended I believe.
  3. Other Excess artifacts for evolving buildings

    I'd like to see a priority put on artifacts that we are short on. I'm sitting on 8 artifacts for a twilight phoenix and have been waiting months for an artifact to come up. On that note, there should be a new phoenix token to include twilight phoenix. What else did you want them used for? Maybe...
  4. Living on the edge

    I think a different server would be a bridge too far. It would be possible, but would Inno devote the resources to make that happen? I think an easier solution is to have them in a separate area of the map where they are so far out that no players can get to them.
  5. Living on the edge

    I like your thoughts on this. The drawback for making it truly random is that you have to give neighborly help to ALL neighbors to maximize the benefit. So getting extra supplies and a polish would have the same chance as receiving chests but is capped out . . . at 1/3?
  6. Living on the edge

    Maybe there could be a separate inactive tab? I am grateful that after a 4-year break that my city was still there. I was in Chapter 12 with all magic residences and workshops, so I'm sure that's the reason they kept me. Also, there could be a separate inactive region on the map. However...
  7. Adding a Caches tab to Seasons that feature an alternative way to get evolution buildings and tokens

    Well we now have a Premium Season Pass. I disagree that this pass should only involve gaining petals because we can purchase petals separately anyway, so there's no significant advantage to buying a Premium Season Pass now. Other games I have played do give bonus progression in season rewards...
  8. Living on the edge

    The only difference between the goldmines now and a helping neighbor are: 1) don't gain supplies; 2) don't gain a polish. I think the easy answer is to have it to where clicking on a goldmine not only gives gold, but has a chance to gain supplies and a chance to gain a random polish. The %...
  9. New inventory tab to separate out the military buildings

    I posted this on another thread that is my idea for an alternate way to get evolving buildings and tokens for them: we could have an evolving building tab that shows which evolving buildings we have in inventory, which ones we have built, and which ones we are missing. This would work exactly...
  10. Adding a Caches tab to Seasons that feature an alternative way to get evolution buildings and tokens

    Another approach to alleviating the problem might be to have a menu somewhere that has all the evolving buildings you have placed, have in inventory, and don't have. You can favorite the ones you don't have that you want. That way either when an evolving building comes up in the MA, you either...
  11. New inventory tab to separate out the military buildings

    Actually, I had thought of having an expiring building tab after I looked through my buildings for something. That would be a good option. Evolving buildings wouldn't be necessary as a tab because they are all 4x4 and pretty obvious-looking. Set buildings would be a good one because it is...
  12. New inventory tab to separate out the military buildings

    It's more than just "search and find." What they're asking for is a separate tab for military boost buildings. It's time consuming to sift through those buildings to find a summoning that I want.
  13. The FA is unwell

    There is also the suggested FS feature. There could be a filter where people look for "new players welcome." Some experienced players like working with newbies. Some down't. Currently, I'm not seeing a rhyme or reason to the suggested FS's.
  14. The FA is unwell

    (with categories of "hardcore" down to "none" being: 1) Tournaments, 2) Spire, 3) FA; 4) maybe more categories like AWKP trading. Example: "Hardcore" for tournaments is 19 chests with 2K point participation; "Semi-hardcore" is 10+ chests with 2k point participation; Casual: Some participation...
  15. The FA is unwell

    I was in an alt fellowship of the top fellowship on my server for about a year and a half. Eventually, a spot opened up with my production boosts. However, shortly after I joined, I was told the fellowship did not participate in FA's because everyone had very developed cities. I was disappointed...
  16. Adding a Caches tab to Seasons that feature an alternative way to get evolution buildings and tokens

    Details: In addition to tabs for Quests and Rewards, there will be a Caches tab. You can craft caches to give you sought after items. The first cache is free. You must buy a new Premium Season Pass to craft one every 10 levels gained in the season Evolve buildings and tokens have become a...
  17. Vacation Mode

    I could see something like this where you are allowed two weeks per year of "vacation" status.
  18. Shadow Wolves -- 10+ chests -- several openings

    Shadow Wolves is looking to grow its membership. We would love to have more player interested in high achievement in Tournaments (we consistently get 11 chests and want more), Fellowship Adventures (we are a top fellowship for that), and Spire. In addition to continuing to progress in our...