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Search results

  1. Fast rising top 20 FS, 13+ chest FS, and now gold spire seeks 2-4 Tourney/Spire enthusiasts!

    Now we hit Gold Spire, top 20 and 14 chests too! And we are still calm, drama free and helpful!!
  2. Grow with us! Excellence without pressure.

    Now we are ranked #20! We look full but have a couple of temporary members!
  3. Grow with us! Excellence without pressure.

    Come join our rapidly rising Fellowship! CommonwealthII wants you. We play daily and cooperate without drama. 10+ chests weekly and rising silver spire scores. Our sister FS is #1 and we are steadily growing too! Lots of skilled and experienced players to help you get even better than you are...
  4. Fast rising top 20 FS, 13+ chest FS, and now gold spire seeks 2-4 Tourney/Spire enthusiasts!

    We are slowly creeping towards gold spire while we grow. 10 chests is a given now, and usually 12. Pretty relaxed and friendly group. CommonwealthII
  5. Sorcerers' Homecoming discussion

    Don't they have those every week?
  6. Tournament changes

    One of the things I like about this game is that there are many ways to "game the game" to be better at what you think matters most. Some people want high ranking, some want high tourney scores/ranking, others (god forbid) love the FA's, and others want their FS to do better most of all. I...
  7. Text jumping

    Not fixed yet in mine. Not life threatening though
  8. Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    One new problem I have is that my notifications are filled up with little 1800 ascended trades. Now I have no notifications of neighbors who visited me. I am most likely not going to visit anyone outside of my FS now.
  9. Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    For some reason, the forum said I didn't exist and made me recreate my login. So, new member is not quite accurate, but I am not a regular poster. In my world, the people that absolutely dominate the Tourney (our FS all do spire to top) have done the later chapters, built and levelled AW's, all...