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Search results

  1. Llanfair looking for couple enthusiastic additions.

    Boosted goods doesn't matter, Energy level does. Tourney gains between 14-16 chests weekly. Contact me if interested or would like more info.
  2. Are You our Hearts Desire???

    10+ chests for 2.5 years. We love the bonuses. 39 straight silvers in Spire without focusing on it. We play great together. Expect decent tourneys, frequent visits and expectation of having fun. We offer great game bonuses, fantastic AW program and lots of players to assist as needed. If you...
  3. Here a bear, there a bear

    I also have 2x Level 10 Brown Bears and a Level 10 Polar Bear. 100% boost on troop builds is awesome for those that fight. Can load Training Camp, Merc Camp and Barracks with 5-6 complete sets of units each, then collect nice bonus in troops. Polar also helpful by allowing tourney to be less...
  4. Could Llanfair be the home for you?

    We presently have a couple openings. 10 Chest FS for over a year now. Looking for tournament capable players. 4+ visits a week. Drama free.
  5. Are you what Llanfair needs?

    We have one opening at present. 1600+ tournament average is optimal. We are a 10 chest per week FS and you get nice rewards for the effort. Boosts do not matter, just active players who visit often and like to have fun. FSA's are voluntary...and we took 3rd in last one. Contact WindySkies or...
  6. Llanfair may be the perfect fit for you!

    Llanfair has 2 open spots atm. We roll hard on tourneys, so 1600+ pts per is an expectation. But 135kp a week is return. Also we like 5+ visits a week. Tons of trades rolling, and 5 different Kp messages to pick from to boost your AW's. We have fun and grow together! If you are interested...
  7. Llanfair may be the perfect fit for you!

    Lol, and mayhap we could be tempted to add you Marvelous1....we do have one opening at present. 3 straight 10 chest tourneys, so if you love to battle...or prefer catering your way to greatness....look us up. Once we take care of business...out come the whips, chains and booze! Contact...
  8. 3 times manufacturing

    Its a random gift according to tech support. I also missed out.
  9. Llanfair may be the perfect fit for you!

    We have fun, and also work well together. Most tourneys have been 9 or 10 chests in past few months. Prefer player active in tourneys. Silk or Gem boost a plus...but active in tourney and visits more important. We have daily kp rotation for those interested. Tech locked players may also find our...
  10. HELP...cant reach realm!

    Finally got in...Now just gotta watch out so not accidently end up in other realm I was forced to do tutorial in.
  11. HELP...cant reach realm!

    Got off, stopped by library and played first tourney round before coming home...where nightmare starts.... Got on computer to continue and clicked on the realms played in before noticing that it was not the one I am in. Could not get to mine until I played tutorial in one that was wrongly placed...
  12. Consistent connection issues

    I play in Khe also...got home and tried to start and it opened into another realm. Forced to do the tutor just to try to get back to my realm. Now khelonarr only loads to 11 and no further.
  13. Tier 3 goods in Tourney, when do they become needed?

    I believe t2 started when the 5th circle of provinces is reached. Anyone know when t3 goods becomes necessary on tourney?