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Search results

  1. News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    It sounds like MTG/ Inno are whitewashing the Smallest Room....
  2. City What if we could frag our leftover guest race goods??

    I still don't understand why MTG/Inno had to use spell fragments as part of the new equation. Anyone with a little foresight can see the ramifications: excessive hardship for all excluding end-gamers with maxed AWs! If they wanted to increase the difficulty in upgrading AWs, why not increase...
  3. started a new city

    Oh my goddess! What courage! And yes, infinite patience and/or a fat credit card will be needed on this adventure....hahahaha....
  4. smaller city cannot upgrade wonders

    Nice idea, BUT, crafting each artefact for these costs 10k spell fragments and 3 blueprints. Multiply by 9 to fully evolve= 90k spell fragments and 27 blueprints per building o_O
  5. Help spell fragment production

    Trading Outpost. Polar Bear.
  6. Help spell fragment production

    Agree totally. However, a new city, on the new tech tree, will need much, much longer to save the resources to build the moonstone set. 2 years ago, I was in Chapter 3. I hit the Spire every week to at least the Toad and pushed for gold once a month. It took months back then, on the old tech...
  7. Help spell fragment production

    Yeah well!! You're gonna need >20k in spell fragments to craft that entire set in the first place! :rolleyes:
  8. Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Looks like they are tweaking(nerfing) the buffs we gained already! Prosperity Towers L21 was increased to 100k production following the change, and has now dropped back to 98k per three hours.
  9. Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Shrooms went down around 25% in training size in my Halflings city with only 5 armories. From 4050 down to 3173. It was way better than Bullwark...
  10. One Word Reply Game

  11. Come Play With Me ~ Two Words

    Down under
  12. It worked for StarTrek

  13. How to partially quote a post on the App

    Thank you :) My lap top died a couple of months back and locating all the editing tools on mobile is much harder without tooltips.
  14. What is your city name and why?

    "SAVE THE FORUM!!" atm :)
  15. How to partially quote a post on the App

    Is it possible to quote only a section of other posts on the App? The quote button gives me the entire post (sometimes rather lengthy) and it is only one point I wish to refer to.
  16. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Well they've thrown the baby out with the bathwater on this one! Have just spent the last two hours searching for and then reading the "How to use the Forum Guide". Shouldn't that have been on the front page from the start IF Inno really wanted higher participation?!? All their other games...
  17. Living on the edge

    There has been a lot of wonderful feedback. Thank you Genefer:) and Count Rupert:) for adding your experience and comprehensive thoughts on this never-ending problem. It is an issue that involves ALL worlds and on ALL servers as the edge is constantly changing albeit slowly. I am wondering...
  18. Living on the edge

    173 provinces, 28 goldmines (varies on a daily basis), averaging 10 (active) and 10 (weekend players) visits.
  19. Living on the edge

    lol. Yup. I kinda figured that might be a probability:rolleyes: