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Search results

  1. Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    Really? I thought it was once the upgrade started. Well that's ok then, but it'll only be good until they're all filled, so I'll tell them that instead. Thanks
  2. Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    I plan to notify my FS, that I do not wish them to donate any more KP to me. I'm upgrading 1 AW and am done unless something changes. I will continue to donate to my FS and neighbors, but don't want them expecting an upgrade chest that's not going to come
  3. News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    I thought for the neighbors wonders it was listed by level and/or those with kp vs those still empty. So we'd know which wonders they were actively looking for at that time
  4. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I have not been able to get into Discord through the game or directly for over 2 weeks. Waste of time
  5. Discord closed?

    I haven't been able to access Discord for over 2 weeks...not that I've been trying THAT hard, but still
  6. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Well not that it will mattter, but I attempted to post a reply, on discord. I could not reply as I was not logged in.. I was. I logged out and logged in. Now my acct was not active until I claim it. So I click claim to have them send me an email, and it brings me to a box with my email and...
  7. Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    I don't open them, I just wait the 5 seconds and collect the item. Doesn't bother me at all and just got 20 diamonds, so that was nice. It's an option. No one has to go to the hobby room or collect the film reel in the game. To me, it's better than the cauldron.
  8. Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

    Sorry @Pheryll ! I just saw this. I teleported it using a spell.
  9. Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

    I did it, just to collect bars needed for the chapter quest. Transported it, kept the remaining bars, and will place it after the FA
  10. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Yes, thankfully I've done that as I've gone...I only have to upgrade a little. But I always focused on what the "next" boost would be, and left the others until later. It's just the surprise, and point. This was such a tedious chapter to begin with, so to have that surprise, just makes it...
  11. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    After this, I am not surprised. Thank you for the response.
  12. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Yes, I do know that...but my boosted ascended is not flying powder, it is wonderwax. Flying powder is definitely nonboosted. I have all my boosted goods upgraded, and actually had started the boosted factory for the next chapter, which for me would be the dust factory ithink. I have to go...
  13. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    How stupid, upgrade a nonboosted factory that provides no benefit at the moment for 1 quest. I've upgraded all the factories that made the goods for this chapter. An upgraded silk is not even needed for the next chapter based on my boosts. Thank you @maeter75
  14. Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    So can't find anything about this. Upgraded my fortress to lvel 4. But the following quest states produce featherweight chainmail. Now I know it's a flying powder, but flying powder is not my boost, so my silk factory is not yet upgraded. Do I have to upgrade my silk to be able to make a...
  15. Will get through Chapter 16 or break trying.

    16 and on are worse than watching paint dry or grass grow...Those chapters are endless even with the resources to produce, the timings are the hurdle. 10000 hours to produce 2 items!!! LOL, well it feels like that.
  16. Time to say goodbye

    good luck with you choices. You were a big help
  17. Fellowship Adventure

    Well I am in 19, and can barely make bracelets this time around. I need to make 101k but have NO boosted old factories to do so. So I depend on my event building from a few years back, where at least once a day I can make enough for 1, maybe 1 badges. My teammates who are a bit lower than me...
  18. elvenarchitect

    In the beginning....you did! UGH I still shudder!
  19. Dawn of the Phoenix

    Ah thank you. The icon was not very clear and there was no description. I knew about the AW, but not the prize.
  20. Dawn of the Phoenix

    What is today's daily prize? It says nothing on the box, but the chests say it is the "Shrine of Champions" . I can't find it in any lists,