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Search results

  1. brown bear

    yes they stack
  2. Waiting patiently for the Phoenix artifact conversion...

    For those opposed to spending diamonds for a reset, just disconnect MA from roads and wait until the desired time and reconnect.
  3. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    Maybe these fixed variables will shake something loose A-World 8 / 17 / 165 / 25 / 645 / 66 => 454 / 202 W-World 8 / 17 / 165 / 24 / 603 / 66 => 429 / 191 F-World 8 / 17 / 165 / 24 / 657 / 66 => 422 / 188 K-World 8 / 17 / 165 / 26 / 603 / 66 => 447 / 199 E-World 8 / 17 / 165 /...
  4. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    15 / 35 / 457 / 178 / 2811 / 137 => 3467 / 1540 [2020-03-30]
  5. Out of Curiosity...What is this?

    Here's the area in question next to the fishing spot event building. They removed the fisherman and his pole, but left the line and the ice hole for some reason.
  6. Does anyone understand Training Speed

    I don't know how they came up with this, but training speed works out to be the number of troops that are trained in 12 minutes.
  7. Winter Magic Event Feedback

    Strike 2 ;)
  8. Winter Magic Event Feedback

    Are you sure you don't mean 100 million? A billion would be an average of 333 million planks, steel, and marble, and would take about 27 years of non-stop 3 hour productions with your 4 T1 factories. If you actually have a billion, I'd like some tips on how to increase production.
  9. Fellowship Adventures

    Oh yeah, my bad thx
  10. Fellowship Adventures

    It also says that the chest prizes are phoenix artifacts (probably copied and pasted) when in fact they are bear artifacts.
  11. The Shivering Tale of Dr. Freakenspleen Feedback

    I looked at your city and Freakenspleen has denser pop than all of your chapter 14 event hybrids, of which you have many. Not sure how this qualifies it as useless, but to each his/her own.
  12. The bile that burns, leaving behind the taste of brimstone and ashes

    If portal profits applied to currently placed portals how would the game know what to do if you had more than one portal in place (or all 10 for that matter). I think making it based on what chapter you are in is the only way it can work unfortunately.
  13. Goat Rocks Plus Ancient Grounds

    A level 16 training grounds combined with the dragon abbey make a great aesthetic combo. They look like one big building while also providing a very efficient end cap to a street.
  14. The bile that burns, leaving behind the taste of brimstone and ashes

    It would take you about 70 days to get 700 diamonds from 2 wells
  15. Maze of Dark Matter and SS upgrade Questions

    As far as I understand it, SS upgrades don't really make the tourney harder, if at all. They just increase the number of troops you lose and increase catering costs. A player with a SS of 2000 will lose twice the troops as a player with a SS of 1000 in identical battles. And catering costs...
  16. AW neighborly help

    Unless it's a trick question, it just looks like the standard 10% construction time reduction from visits.
  17. AW neighborly help

    builder's hut
  18. [Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

    It was just a suggestion, and one geared more toward newer cities that are being offered stage 1 evolving buildings with no way to evolve them. They must have something planned for artifacts as these buildings are useless without them. I agree if everyone could craft artifacts it would get out...
  19. [Archived 02/2020] News from Beta

    I agree qaccy. The limit of 1 building is not really the issue. Its the potential availability of artifacts down the line. All cities in Harandar will be offered 3 phoenixes, stonehenge, and the mermaid in crafting with no options in sight to evolve them. This was my crafting window in my...
  20. Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    You can speed things up considerably by skipping the chest shuffle animation. As soon as you hit the awesome button just click outside the window to close it. Then open it back up and chests are ready to go. When you get to the 20th star, wait to receive prize since it will just pop up next...