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Search results

  1. Grid Gypsy

    Favorite Old and/or Underappreciated Shows

    Gorram it, how did I forget Firefly??? I only have the complete series, and a Serenity sticker on the back of my car. :D Amen to that, and pass the ammunition. Nah, Boxleitner isn't a vampire, just a simulation from the Grid. ;)
  2. Grid Gypsy

    Favorite Old and/or Underappreciated Shows

    Loved Sense8! Now there was an underappreciated show if there ever was one. The same can be said for Timeless, Travelers and Forever. Unfortunately, smart scifi just doesn't get the attention it should.
  3. Grid Gypsy

    Favorite Old and/or Underappreciated Shows

    Keep in mind though that the no changes rule also encompassed the network. The only time JMS made an exception was when PTEN was being shut down, and he felt that he needed to condense the 4th and 5th seasons for the fans. As writer, showrunner & head of the production company, I don't see him...
  4. Grid Gypsy

    Favorite Old and/or Underappreciated Shows

    I'm cautiously optimistic about the reboot currently in the pipes, but only because Straczynski himself will be in charge of it. He's serving as both writer and showrunner, and has never had qualms about telling his higher ups to kiss his asteroid.
  5. Grid Gypsy

    Sigh, very poor communication about new FS rule changes this week!!!!!

    I'm here once or twice a week, maybe, and I knew it was dropping soon. As for the exact day, (or time, see FAs) the devs don't give out that kind of info in case they have to backpedal. You've already been told that Helya posted it, both here and in game, as soon as she knew it was coming, but...
  6. Grid Gypsy

    Not getting all notifications

    You may be absolved then, it appears that the forum has a case of the hiccups.
  7. Grid Gypsy

    Not getting all notifications

    I just found that someone had tagged me in a thread and that didn't come through either. @helya have you noticed this? You're probably the most tagged of all of us, for obvious reasons. :)
  8. Grid Gypsy

    Looking for an active fellowship Marble/Crystal/Elixir

    Thank you Myne. For some odd reason the system didn't tag me, but I do appreciate the thought. It appears that Juju Rain has found a fellowship, best of luck to them!
  9. Grid Gypsy

    Chapter 9

    Although I do have a few merchants, I preferred the willows simply because they're 4x the culture. If I had to use the room, I figured it might as well be with buildings that did double duty. I did however immediately change them over to libraries when I hit 10.
  10. Grid Gypsy

    Moving Day

    I was moved as well. Oddly enough though, it was just a... jump to the left.
  11. Grid Gypsy

    Will the grid expand after Ch. 19?

    Goodness, I certainly hope not... oooh, you're talking about the game! Sorry. ;) :D
  12. Grid Gypsy

    Mobile vs Browser: Why perks on mobile only?

    What Crackie is saying is that it doesn't matter if there's a way to checkmark in mobile or not with a moving day this big. If there was, and you had chosen not to be moved, your visiting neighbors still wouldn't be there anymore because most of them would have been moved. That would have left...
  13. Grid Gypsy

    They shot the tournament feature in the foot

    They're talking about the Production tab. Relics are used to create CCs along with the other spells. Spire alone doesn't supply enough CC when your MA is constantly crafting.
  14. Grid Gypsy

    If FA badges can't stack, how about an "Always On Top" feature for collection?

    Hopefully I tagged this correctly. I play almost entirely on PC, so this may not apply to mobile. I think PC users all know how old it gets when having to switch in and out of the tournament windows for badge collection during FA, especially when you sometimes have a badge complete after each...
  15. Grid Gypsy

    Goodbye Elvenar

    You'll be missed Job! Stop back through whenever you get the chance.
  16. Grid Gypsy

    Crisis Averted, but new members are always welcome.

    Kattegat's Lege currently has 1196 points on the Spire with 3 more climbers working hard to finish at the top. Unfortunately, one of our members is MIA, and if they continue to be a no show we will be 7 points shy of gold. We're looking for someone willing to jump in and do at least one level...
  17. Grid Gypsy

    Next FA?

    I think it's the frequency of the thing more than anything else. I'm not sure if I'd like going someplace like Disneyland for a week every month, either. I think it would probably get really old, really fast eventually. Now that I simply don't understand, it's a game, not a job. In our FS...
  18. Grid Gypsy

    Next FA?

    People keep saying this, but the only way one can really not take part is to dump their fellowship and go solo. I don't know a single FS that at minimum doesn't have someone who needs the extra artifacts given in the FA, or at maximum requires everyone to suit up and complete the thing. Not sure...
  19. Grid Gypsy

    2021 Misty Forest discussion

    Same. If I complete a quest via regular play, great. If not, I don't particularly care. I wasn't interested in the grand prize to begin with and my luck is horrid when it comes to the dailies, so why bother? I've probably collected a dozen coin rains and troop instances so far, I'm good.
  20. Grid Gypsy


    I think Job did a great job of answering. The question was: "what are boosted good compared to just goods?" and the answer is, "boosted goods are the goods that you can produce in much higher quantities in the same amount of time as unboosted goods." Had the OP asked what goods are, then the...