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Search results

  1. jesikrey

    The Rogue Red Roosters Are Looking for Fellows!

    Oh man! wish you were in our world!
  2. jesikrey

    The Rogue Red Roosters Are Looking for Fellows!

    Are you looking for a laid back, yet competitive fellowship that encourages teamwork and helps each fellow out when is needed? Do you want to be part of a team that averages 10 chests per tourney? A fellowship that is fair with trades and encourages you to grow albeit at your own pace but YOU...
  3. jesikrey

    The Fairy Queen's Garden

    I was being sarcastic.... hehehe
  4. jesikrey

    The Fairy Queen's Garden

    Oh my! I am so in need of scrolls.... lol
  5. jesikrey

    Sky Dragons Has ONE Seat at Our Table - Seat has been taken :)

    Are you a Chapter 8 or higher player that wants to be part of a laid back yet competitive fellowship? Sky Dragons (Rank 12) has an opening! Come join us! We participate in Spire (weekly silver trophy) and ask that you at least make 1000 points on tournaments. KP threads are on going and...
  6. jesikrey

    I Want To Thank the Developers....

    Meh... I can care less about it. This badge SUCKS and everyone knows it.
  7. jesikrey

    I Want To Thank the Developers....

    For all the useless crap I am crafting in the MA to obtain Arcade badges.... Thanks, my hat goes off to them.
  8. jesikrey

    Signs You Need a New Fellowship

    I promise this is NOT me! LOL
  9. jesikrey

    Crafting Royal Restorations

    It has always been available :)
  10. jesikrey

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult event discussion thread

    I was wondering why I even placed this phoenix.... hmmmm.... mana I guess but the other two bonus productions the 4000 royal velvet (I am boosted on velvet) and the one KP, meh... too bad we cannot hide the darn bird! I should've thought about it better lol
  11. jesikrey

    Which Building(s) Do You Recommend for Mana and Seeds

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I have moved out and moved in new buildings. You all rock!
  12. jesikrey

    The soul-gobbling Chapter 15

    You don't, it makes you suffer and wonder why you are even playing. Right now all I am focusing on is production of supplies so I can trade and help my fellows out by taking their trades. I also started a new city because I still want to play the game but I don't want to be so annoyed by high...
  13. jesikrey

    Which Building(s) Do You Recommend for Mana and Seeds

    Prince charming is hideous. lol I couldn't keep him in my city lol You are too cute :)
  14. jesikrey

    Bad planning for daily quests in Events

    Some of these quests I have no words for... I am only trying to get my chicken to level 8 and then I will wait for the FA. Not worth it, not even for my chapter 4 city.
  15. jesikrey

    Which Building(s) Do You Recommend for Mana and Seeds

    Hi fellow forum members! Wanted to get opinions, ideas on mana and seed buildings. I want to know which have you placed that give you a decent amount of mana and seeds without taking too much room. I find myself in chapter 15 and I need to make space lol Although I am not in a rush and to be...
  16. jesikrey

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult event discussion thread

    Of course it would happen that the day I want a stupid daily price that is worth it, I spent 2000+ essence things that I have been saving and got anything but the price I wanted. This is the type of thing that makes me not want to participate in these events. Yeah yeah, is luck blah blah...
  17. jesikrey

    Catering/Negotiating Only Cities.

    Yup I only fight in tourneys now, I will go find something to kill. Bye now! and I like that you have a city with so many goods, if that works best for you, you go for it!
  18. jesikrey

    Crystal shortage

    Is the same thing with silk in my FA. I have a neighbor that is good at taking my scrolls trades for silk but because we have so many with silk boosts I see a lot of scrolls for silk trades. I need to bring this up and see if we can come up with a fix like @Crow Last Elf mentioned, perhaps not...
  19. jesikrey

    Tournament Changes

    Gosh... these graphs make me not want to continue playing.. Chapter 15 is already a struggle with all the supplies requested... and to see how insane these numbers get, yikes. I'm gonna be in chapter 15 for at least a year lol