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Search results

  1. ptparks

    Method to improve troop selection for auto-fight.

    I think the map would be a great idea even on the browser. This week I did 56 provinces. That means 224 battles for each round. There is no way I have the time to manual fight all of them. Having the ability to select my troops without dropping a ranger, peeking, then going back to select troops...
  2. ptparks

    Improvement to the Coin and Supply Storage Popups

    I like the idea but would like to go one step further. I would propose that you get a popup like we do when we open a quest reward and it states our main hall is full and we will only gain part of the prize if we collect. This would allow us to at least go to that greedy trader and buy some...
  3. ptparks

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    I was able to load the game on my Galaxy 7 phone and Galaxy Tab A with no problems. I like the fast visits. I have started doing world visits to everyone again because it takes a quarter of the time it used to with 281 completed provs. Not having the city name to know what the person prefers is...
  4. ptparks

    What is wrong with Elvenar, why do people quit in chapter 1?

    This may be the biggest reason. I have city names around me that are suggestive (and that's putting it mildly). Another thread in the international forum asked why it is advertised on adult websites. A quick google search brings those questions up. Inno should wake up and only advertise...
  5. ptparks

    Quick learner!

  6. ptparks

    Quick learner!

    The small green tab on the bottom :D
  7. ptparks

    Quick learner!

    Look under buildings/basics on the 3rd tab.
  8. ptparks

    Mykans Guide - Fighting guide

    A relatively new feature is the ability to hover over your troops and see which enemy they are best against. Experienced fighters may know this but for newer members it is a nice tool. in the picture below I moved my mouse over the crossbowman. The heavy melee and light ranged units are...