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Search results

  1. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I prefer the Forum for finding information. I do have a discord account and we use it to post pictures and other non-game-related things in my fellowships. But I've tried using discord for reading announcements in my beta city and it really sucks! It's clunky and it's almost impossible to...
  2. Recruiting Hawk's Nest seeks one member for Fellowship Adventure

    I'm sorry, I should have removed this ad. We only needed a fill-in for the last Fellowship Adventure. We now have a full roster again.
  3. Recruiting Hawk's Nest seeks one member for Fellowship Adventure

    We recently lost a great member, due to RL issues. We are looking for one member who will join us before the Fellowship Adventure and be willing to go all-out. We will absolutely finish all three stages, so you would be guaranteed those prizes. We would especially love to have someone in a...
  4. Enar's Embassy

    Does anyone in Arendyll have an Enar's Embassy? No one in my fs has one, and I am looking to give away my many runes. Please message me if you have one, thanks!
  5. Top Fellowship Looking for ONE Good Player!

    Hawk's Nest (currently #9) is looking for one good player. Boosts don't matter, and score is not as important as participation and amiability. We would like candidates to complete the Spire every week and score at least 1600 points in the tournaments. We offer Spire Gold weekly,10+ tournament...
  6. #8 Fellowship Seeks Established Member

    It's fluid....I looked at your city and if you met all other requirements, we would be glad to give you a try.
  7. #8 Fellowship Seeks Established Member

    Hawk's Nest (currently ranked #8) is seeking to replace an established member who is leaving. Requirements would be a decent ranking, daily play, 1600+ in tournaments and completion of Spire every week. We offer 10+ chests and Spire gold weekly, good Perks, varied and active swap lists, and...
  8. Finnegan's Follies Seeks One Active Member

    We're a top fellowship that gets Spire Gold at least once every 3 weeks and Silver the rest of the time, as well as 10+ Tournament chests every single week. One of our members is looking to leave due to RL issues and we would like to replace him with someone special. Qualified applicants will...
  9. Hawk's Nest Seeking One Good Member

    Top fellowship is seeking one good member to fill an unexpected opening. Qualified applicants would be those who play daily, visit often, complete the entire Spire most weeks, and contribute at least 1000 points weekly to the Tournament. In return, we offer Spire Gold and 10 Tournament chests...
  10. #13 Finnegan's Follies Seeks ONE Good Member!

    We are an established fellowship, #13 in our world, with an opening for one good player. We easily get 10+ tournament chests weekly. We do a push for Spire gold every 3rd week, and silver on off weeks. We are open to doing gold more often as our younger members continue to grow. We help each...
  11. Finnegan's Follies seeking active players!

    We are a 10 chest ALWAYS fellowship, but we've been struggling with Spire gold because we have a few who just won't make the effort. I am looking to replace them with a few players who are willing to score at least 1600 points on the tournaments AND complete the entire Spire. If I can get even...
  12. Hawk's Nest Seeking Hard-Core Player

    Hawk's Nest has an opening for a player who excels in both tournaments and Spire. We currently get all 10 chests no problem, for the last couple of years. We've worked our way up to solid Spire gold, but just lost a really good player and would like to replace with the same. We have a large...
  13. Arendyll- wondering about options

    @clusseau, if you are still looking, please consider us at the Hawk's Nest!
  14. Hawk's Nest Seeks Adventurer for New Tournament Style!

    Hawk's Nest has ONE opening for a highly motivated player. We currently (easily) get 10 chests in all tournaments, and we have worked our way up to now getting gold in Spire. (Not so easily but we're getting better every week!) With the new tournament and possibility of 19 chests on the...
  15. Hawk's Nest Seeks Advanced Player for 10 Chests and Spire Gold

    We are seeking a fairly advanced player who can do their fair share towards 10 chests (which we ALWAYS get) and do the entire Spire every week. We want to get gold every single week. We've managed past three weeks but could use more help! We're a friendly fellowship with active chat, numerous...
  16. Hawk's Nest Seeking Strong Tourney & Spire Player

    One of our valued long-term members has gone AWOL, quite worrisome, but we will soon need to replace him. We are a 10 chest ALWAYS fellowship and also strong on the Spire. (Silver always but working our way to gold.) We would like someone who will contribute a significant amount to both Spire...
  17. Teleporting Constructs Buildings

    This makes the most sense of any so far, thanks!
  18. Teleporting Constructs Buildings

    I don't know, but good question! Mine were idle when I did them. I'll mention this to them. Thanks!
  19. Teleporting Constructs Buildings

    Specifically, he was trying to teleport Production Islands.
  20. Teleporting Constructs Buildings

    Right, I get that. We have the list of what can't be teleported and his aren't on that list. And it's not his Portal, just the auxiliary guest race buildings. And I'm in a different chapter (15) but it let me teleport all of mine. So I wondered if anyone knew why he couldn't do his.