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Search results

  1. BlueBlade

    Locherfamily needs one active player

    Locherfamily in US5 - Elcysandir is looking for one person to fill the empty spot available. Please message HaleyCody (our AM) and apply if you are interested in joining. =o)
  2. BlueBlade

    Scouting multiple provinces

    It would be beneficial to have a building or a Phoenix that we could feed that would last at least 5 days so that we could scout more than 1 province at a time on the World Map. The further along in the game, the higher the chapter, the longer it takes to SCOUT provinces. It would be nice to be...
  3. BlueBlade

    Wood & Nickels looking for 1 active member

    Wood & Nickels fellowship in Harandar (server 8) is looking for that 1 special player who wants to have fun. We would like this new member to enjoy our friendly competitive nature in the FAs, be a great team player, enjoy the Gold Spire challenges, and a passion for the tournaments. We want you...
  4. BlueBlade

    Locherfamily looking for 1 active member

    Locherfamily in Elcysandir world is looking for 1 active member to join our family. We are a 10-chest tournament FS. We have AWKP message threads as well as FREE KP perk thread to help you upgrade your Wonders faster. We are a great teamwork fellowship. Please apply and message HaleyCody, our...
  5. BlueBlade

    Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    So are you saying that once you feed the brown bear and then train your troops, you’re only spending supplies on the normal troop amounts and the bonus troops you get from the brown bear bonus are e free?
  6. BlueBlade

    Creating more troops than you will ever need...

    I only feed my Brown Bear during an FA because I need my troops to fight up the Spire and clear every province in the tourney. I can do that by fighting almost all the way up the Spire and sometimes I run low on troops but not often. Plus, pet food isn't always easy to find in the MA. I set out...
  7. BlueBlade

    Evolving buildings

    I love your slides...however every Evolving building on your site only needs 9 artifacts to get it to level 10. So there are other slides that need to be fixed.I would LOVE to put a link to your Slide show on my website. It's so cute! Who doesn't love the Elvenar pets?? Moon bear also...
  8. BlueBlade

    Evolving buildings

    There is a flaw on slide #28. It is only required to have 9 artifacts to be able to have an Evolving building at Level 10. The base Event building starts at Level 1. It's a great visual tool for the evolving Pet buildings that we need to feed for the extra benefit!
  9. BlueBlade

    Culture Bonus

    I'm in the Elvenar chapter. Always try to swap out old Culture buildings for new ones that you either win in Events or Craft in the Magic Academy. Depending on what a building will offer, I go for the smallest in footprint with the larger amounts of culture to replace an older larger building...
  10. BlueBlade

    Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    It just popped up on my screen and nearly scared me... Did you see how many diamonds the Season Pass cost? 3000! Betta was only 2500. What's going on? Wow.. Live worlds have it tough. ;) Not that I'm going to do the Season Pass.. haha...
  11. BlueBlade

    Culture Bonus

    Lelanya, I sent you a message within the Forum.
  12. BlueBlade

    Brown Bear Bonus Doesn't Expire

    It's the Simia Wonder that increases the troops.
  13. BlueBlade

    How to get the the trap maker to work in XIII where do I need to place it

    Build the level 1 workshop on a path and then you can move it off to where you need to want it. Same goes for the residence.
  14. BlueBlade

    Culture Bonus

    Are you referring to this? I'm creating a website that this may be included... probably will. :) The Elvenar Helper
  15. BlueBlade

    Wood & Nickels needs 1 active member

    W&N is a fantastic fellowship! We work as a team, always. We are looking for one active member who is willing to give their all during our new Gold Spire Challenge that we have every 4 weeks. Our team does 10+ chests in the tourney. We utilize the KP & Spire Perks. We LOVE the Fellowship...
  16. BlueBlade

    Wood & Nickels FS needs 2 members

    Wood & Nickels from US8 Harandar is looking for a few active, FUN people who like the challenge of the Spire and the Tournaments. We are needing the new members to be boosted in Steel/Planks, Scrolls, and/or Gems. We know the meaning of teamwork. We love the FAs and when we go for 1st place (not...
  17. BlueBlade

    Wood & Nickels is looking for 1 Fun member!!! Yay!

    Wood & Nickels in US8 Harandar is looking for one teammate to replace one who have left us for real life stuff. We complete 11-12 chests in tourneys and silver in the Spire (hoping to do more someday). We love FAs and have taken first a few times, but participation is not required, certainty not...
  18. BlueBlade

    Keepers_of_Light Looking Recruiting Now

    Keepers_of_Light is a mildly competitive community who helps each other to build our cities. We are full of fun people. No drama. We could use someone with Steel, Dust or Elixir as their boost. Please contact our AM Omniscient9077 and apply.
  19. BlueBlade

    Come join the fellowship of Wood & Nickels!

    Just wanted to add to Rp44's post: If you are a someone who plays Elvenar daily in US8 Harandar world & who fits our ideal player (see below), please PM me, BlueBlade or come to Wood & Nickels fellowship and message/apply. 1. Must REALLY like participating in the FA (we make it SUPER fun &...
  20. BlueBlade

    August 2020 FA

    Can Magic Workshops be used in the Fellowship Adventure? AND what's the maximum level for T-1s & Workshops used in the FA? I can't find this information anywhere. Please help if you know. Thanks!