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Search results

  1. Mighty Peach

    New Beta for Spire Wizard

    Are you a wizard in real life?
  2. Mighty Peach

    They've heard us! They've listened to our cries! Blessed be!

    They've listened yet again. Wow. Such listening. Such deals.
  3. Mighty Peach

    Do you ever scratch your head and ask -- but why?

    What in the world is happening here. o_O
  4. Mighty Peach

    "...everybody look. what's going down?"

    As long as I don't have to get up from my chair. While I eat my sandwich.
  5. Mighty Peach

    Peak Adaptations Unlocked

    Not my city. But damnnnnnnnn.
  6. Mighty Peach

    Feedback Quick and Dirty Summary of Ancient Wonder Changes

    The Blooming Guild Trader is an interesting case. Mine is at level 21. At that level, the wholesaler offer is the same (+300%) and so is the reduced trading fee(12.5%). But with an increase to guest race productions(+41.5%) -- So actually a buff at that specific level. But not as good in...
  7. Mighty Peach

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I will quote myself from Discord: "Under the new system, leveling an ancient wonder to level 15 would cost: 120,000 spell fragments, 120 CCs, 30 RRs. That's just to level 15 so a moderate level. If you wanted to eventually build 10 ancient wonders to level 15, that would cost: 1,200,000 spell...
  8. Mighty Peach

    Do you ever scratch your head and ask -- but why?

    While the shape is very unusual. That's not the only interesting thing here. According to my count, there are six level 1 evolving buildings. I find that just as interesting. It's not my intention to identify the person. Rather to discuss how such an interesting city came about.
  9. Mighty Peach

    Feedback: Winter Magic Event 2023

    I want a building of Santa and Jesus playing hopscotch.
  10. Mighty Peach

    Ghosting and booting little cities

    Why delete your account though? I understand someone did a crappy thing. But don't delete your city over it. I've seen it countless times over the years with many different games. People say they're quitting for good this time. And you know what, they almost always come back.
  11. Mighty Peach

    This Forum is Closing?

    Discord has its uses. But the forum is superior when it comes to long-form communication and archiving information. Having both active would be the best of both worlds.
  12. Mighty Peach

    Feedback - Whispers of the Soul

    278 cats in one city 280 cats in my other city I enjoyed this event. Both cities had the royal prize pass + bonus 100 from email.
  13. Mighty Peach

    Choose one thing to add to the game. Sky is the limit.

    You get to choose one thing to add to the game. Completely hypothetical. Consider that resources are unlimited and the sky is the limit. I'll go first. Fellowship Adventures takes place on a different realm adjacent to your own. Through a portal similar to the Spire. You get a temporary piece...
  14. Mighty Peach

    Tome of Mushrooms

    Pretty sure it gives the option to choose one of these three: Steel-infused fungi Mystic mycology Crystal caps Which were offered in the Mama Juul's Fusion Feast event.
  15. Mighty Peach

    Troop Decay?

    I have 10 containers of bananas. I go to the supermarket and see cool new containers with dancing bananas on them. But they're bigger than the containers I have at home. I buy them anyway. They're roughly twice the size. Now I throw the old containers out and just use the new ones. I only...
  16. Mighty Peach

    Dissed a Toad

  17. Mighty Peach

    I just can't...

    It's a f2p game with a very low barrier of entry. Just need a pulse. So you're going to have large swathes of clueless participants. This applies to many different areas in life with low barriers of entry. Ever been to a budget gym? How many people actually are doing exercises properly? Put more...
  18. Mighty Peach

    It worked for StarTrek

    Mighty Peach