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  1. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    All of the slot 2's are good, except for the one that awards vitality surges. In the 3rd slot, you want 20% for 2 or 14% for 3 lucky draws. Those are all fairly close in terms of expected outcome, but there's a big gap between those and the rest. That is, they're not all optimal, but they're...
  2. ekarat

    The Crack Guide to Fighting

    I got into a big argument with someone on another thread about this, but it comes down to two facts: 1) I don't have a polar bear. 2) I have real-life constraints that prevent from from reliably seeing all 4 MA cycles/day. I end up with about 2 pet food / week + a little more if I'm lucky. So...
  3. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Yeah, I also got 29.8.
  4. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I calculated the value of 1 lucky card to be 16.25 coins and 16.8 base, or an equivalent 29.8 base at an exchange rate of 1 coin -> .8 base(*). Anyone else want to chime in and verify which of these calculations is correct? (*) These calculation are with the updated cost mid-way through the...
  5. ekarat

    The Crack Guide to Fighting

    Thank you. You have no idea how frustrated I get with people who don't understand this and think you always want range or that one strategy works for all battles. At the same time, I still think the brown bear is a waste of pet food, since you can compensate by using up more time boosters, and...
  6. ekarat

    Watchful Winter Owl Artifacts

    The only difference between a random grand rotation and a low-probability random daily rotation (ie not everything in the daily rotation is the same probability -- also "daily" is awkward since it's 6 hours, not 24) would be if you never get the artifact you are looking for, then suddenly in the...
  7. ekarat


    I would be more concerned about bloat. The game takes up enough resources already.
  8. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Yes, and almost everyone gets that wrong.
  9. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    No, if enough repeated tries yield the same result, it means I'm doing it better. I do take the opportunity cost of the size of the chest into consideration in my calculations.
  10. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I have never fallen short of the 3-chest mechanic. I do optimize which chests and consider the size of the chest, rather than just the best average return on that chest. (A worse average for a smaller chest can be worth it, if you can get one more chest at average return.)
  11. ekarat

    Rune Shard changes

    What we settled on is to create a new 150 KP thread that excludes the last 2 pages of AWs. This is because not everyone has 10+ runes of those, but pretty much everyone has 10+ runes of the others. Smaller threads can be used to fill out the chests and finish them off.
  12. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Is it? That's something I've been debating myself, and I can see it either way. I feel that the hidden corners usually have a high likelihood of having stuff in them.
  13. ekarat

    Trades Why so many bad sentient goods trades?

    I have unintentionally posted 0 or 1 star trades by: 1) Posting a cross-tier 2-star trade and having roundoff error on decay drop it to 1-star. 2) If you run out of goods for a trade, it will post a trade for all you have left but ask for the original number in return. I do think some of these...
  14. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I was, in fact, thinking of FoE when I suggested the 4th turn item. I did negotiate in FoE, but not here. The lack of a 4th turn option is why.
  15. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I feel like it can take more than one stone to avoid a 50/50 chance, in most casses. For example, if something is AB or BA, then a single stone won't cut it. And that is why I don't like spectral stones. On the other hand, if they introduced an item that gives you a free extra turn of...
  16. ekarat

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    This makes sense to me. Imagine that the quest was just to scout a province. Then the people who have completed a large number of provinces already would grumble, so if you already completed enough (600+), then you are now exempt. TL;DR: This says to scout a province, unless you already have...
  17. ekarat

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    He snuck past our defenses using the team spirit portals -- we had one more person return than was sent out. This was in the last couple of story quests of the team spirit chapter.
  18. ekarat

    They shot the tournament feature in the foot

    You absolutely can push for a given type of relic to get more of that relic, but the strategy is different. Instead of pushing 1 week in 9, you push different amounts each week, so that your last relic is of the type you want. You also can do 6 rounds of the relic you want but fewer of the other...
  19. ekarat

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    I see the issue. I think it could be done if the amounts of T7 required were small enough -- much less than a single merchant provides -- maybe around 200? That way you get 10-11 guesses with one merchant.
  20. ekarat

    update v1.141

    That's guaranteed to be true because before you never had both an upgrade and a merchant tab at the same time. With chapter 19, you do. Edit: The tabs we have above do not include the upgrade tab, so that's one more tab at the same time. Even though it isn't a new tab, they need to make room...