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Search results

  1. New, choosing world to build in

    @crackie, I was a bigger city in my fs, needing lots of goods to negotiate in the Spire. But being scroll boosted, my trades sat for longer than I liked. I changed to fighting more and implemented the solutions you mentioned. I could see in the trader that my fs and neighbours' scroll trades...
  2. New, choosing world to build in

    I agree with that @Dew Spinner, I have been living under the tyranny of scroll production on Hara and due to careful recruiting and maybe the changes to acquiring moonstone libraries, the scroll situation has improved for me and for those I see in the trader. I've even had to build 2 scroll...
  3. New, choosing world to build in

    I play in Harandar and would highly reccommend it to a new player. I think being among cities that are 2 years old or less is great because you know that your teammates "recently" went through the chapters you are going through. In older worlds, cities can be much older... is it 5 years? 6...
  4. The cost of Arcane Residue

    @ajqtrz I can follow this calc for Arcane Residue badges Is this following calc right for Arcane Residue badges? Aren't there only 170 badges required to complete all 3 maps, all 3 stages?
  5. Players

    It helps to know who you are saying "good morning" to, if anybody :) But if you tend to lurk when others say "good morning" you might get caught
  6. Players

    On mobile, you can type "/who" in chat without the quotes to find out who is currently online. fyi capitals don't work.
  7. Help

    I was confused by a chapter quest that asked to "deliver divine seeds" as well... you have to select something in the quest box to pay the seeds to the quest requester. I was able to decline the quest because I was already in the next chapter.
  8. Newbie looking for FS needing steel boost

    On Mobile, under your profile pic, choose the FA tab, look for The Rising Stars at rank 22, select them and you can read the overview.
  9. Most Precious Building

    The building I would ransom back first is the Gingerbread Mansion. It was the first event building main prize that I won. It took up a huge amount of space in my tiny city and I was tempted to delete it rather than wait to be able to upgrade it. At the time, it did not have as high of value as...
  10. The Fairy Queen's Garden

    The load screen is very cool... among the best I've seen in the last 18 months. For my chapter 12 city, just based on seeds, pop and culture, the QF's Retreat is worth it... but it would increase my scroll production. I thought that scroll producers would skip this building, but I guess not...
  11. Fellowship Adventure - Fellowship Badge Pools; instead of individual badge pools

    I am not in favour of being able to donate the badges to the pool as soon as you make them. I think the idea as presented will give the FA the same feel as the tournaments. The tournaments are a group activity, but my effort just stacks on others, it doesn't call for the co-ordination and...
  12. FS Membership Request

    That's a great opportunity then! Whenever I strike up a conversation with any members of my neighbourhood, I usually end up thinking, "I wish we had a spot for them in the fs". If only it wasn't a double edged sword of "losing" an active neighbour.
  13. Mystical Object Alternative Prizes

    I collected 3 MO's and saw the next, the order was as CW posted.... Fr. Flame Blue (won), Igloo Festival (nope, 35 kp), Lampions (won), 8h boosts/kp
  14. FS Membership Request

    How so @Silver Lady?
  15. FS Membership Request

    I would ask them why they switch every month or so and see if I find the explanation reasonable and if I could live with the answer. As long as they are not a spy for a fs that they keep returning to. Also, your members may have played with the player before, or have contacts with fs that the...
  16. It's FA time again!!

    The cats are the last line of defense preventing the fs from seeing the waypoint they are suppose to avoid
  17. How much Adventure is too much?

    I encourage my fs to not spend diamonds or too many time boosters during the FA... I feel bad about that, but the rewards are just not worth it. It would be great to really push during the FA again, and have all other fs doing the same, but I wouldn't do it unless the rewards for doing more...
  18. How much Adventure is too much?

    Fely 7,100 first, 5,900 second Hara 12,500 and 4,500
  19. Newbie looking for advice (casual player)

    A few weeks back a neighbour of mine joined a fs and was surprised how much his small city could help the fs during the FA. I never realized they would have thought that they were too small of a city to be useful. If you are an active player, 3 times a week, you'll be welcomed into many fs...
  20. What do we do if the Arch Mage is AWOL?

    Agreed... it's no way to treat the other members... and it feels like Support is leaving you hanging. You just have to get close to finishing stage 1 and Support should do it's thing. Either there is something in you FS to fight for or there isn't. What really is too bad is that if any of your...