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Search results

  1. BBsAmazon

    Seeking donations on my Fely Enar's Embassy

    I tried, but no way to donate. Sorry!
  2. BBsAmazon

    Feedback Chapter Migration

    Not coins, but gems/diamonds!
  3. BBsAmazon

    Rowan Moon seeking 2 members

    PS, please send an in-game message if interested. Thanks!
  4. BBsAmazon

    Rowan Moon seeking 2 members

    Hey everyone, For some unknown reason, 2 members bailed without notification - doesn’t really matter, they didn’t play the tourney (or not very much) nor the Spire, so they didn’t really contribute to the FS. So, we are now seeking 2 active members who like to tourney. That said, while this is...
  5. BBsAmazon

    One Word Reply Game

  6. BBsAmazon

    Seeking new FS

    Hey folks, thanks for your replies. I believe I have found the FS I’m looking for!
  7. BBsAmazon

    Seeking new FS

    Hi Everyone, Hey, I seem to have the worst luck with FSs on E world! I’m seeking a FS that’s active. I participate in tourneys, the Spire, KP threads important, trades, the FA, and visits. However, I can’t deal with a high pressure FS. I need an AM who guides the FS and is active. We’re all...
  8. BBsAmazon

    Looking for a more active FS

    Thanks for all your replies. I have found a FS that seems to fit.
  9. BBsAmazon

    Looking for a more active FS

    Hi, i am currently AM of a FS on F, but folks seem to be pretty apathetic nowadays despite my best efforts! I don’t understand it because I have a *very* successful FS on K! Anyway, I’m considering disbanding this FS if the player I have in mind doesn’t want the position of AM. I can’t keep...
  10. BBsAmazon

    Flaming Grandies looking to merge…

    Noobs happily accepted!
  11. BBsAmazon

    Flaming Grandies looking to merge…

    Hey Folks, Flaming Grandies has just changed hands and we’re looking to grow by merging! Do you have a small FS of 9 or less (or even more) and need more members? Well, we have 16 (possibly more openings) and would love to merge with you! We’re trying to grow the FS and be more active in...
  12. BBsAmazon

    Rowan Moon seeking 3 members

    Looking for a place to grow your city and have fun? This is the place! We have very little turnover of players and everyone gets along. We have been *mostly* hitting 10 chests every week. There really isn’t a tourney score minimum because everyone does their best! All of our players are valuable...
  13. BBsAmazon

    Looking to add active players

    Wrong thread…
  14. BBsAmazon

    Is ToS worth it?

    I only built the ToS on one of my cities once because I had a buildup of relics on that AW. Then, when it was built, I got 10 broken shards which I able to apply to another one of my more valuable AWs, then I deleted it. Haha IMHO, pretty much a useless AW.
  15. BBsAmazon

    When is the next FA?

    Anyone know when the next FA will start on live US worlds? Thanks!
  16. BBsAmazon

    Rowan Moon Seeking *active* player with trader

    Since one of our members passed away, I haven’t been recruiting to fill his spot. However, I believe enough time has passed and we are looking to fill that 25th spot. We’re a helpful, caring bunch of folks who want to see you succeed in building up your city. We do not have much turnover of...
  17. BBsAmazon

    FA pit change

    Thank you for that. I knew the part about the mods being volunteer, but after that... very good information. Much appreciated.
  18. BBsAmazon

    FA pit change

    I changed it to a vote - yes or no. I hope that satisfies. Thanks for your input!
  19. BBsAmazon

    FA pit change

    Well, thanks for that! I’ll check it out!