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    It's ok for the game devs to design their game with a specific play-style in mind (advancement) and not design it for anything else.
  2. Reddit

    I'm not going to get hung up on debating the number of implemented changes. The original statement was about forums only having value if they're officially run by inno. Suggestions and feedback can be given in many ways (twitter, facebook, or in-game mechanisms being the most common). I think a...
  3. Reddit

    I couldn't disagree more. The only things an official forum provides is a direct place to offer feedback to the devs (which they don't really use) and paid moderators to shape conversations.
  4. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Many, many games have reddit as their biggest pool of forum-like discussion. Maybe time to revive it
  5. CAL question

    I've never heard anything like that. Although anything is possible, it's unlikely that they would do this. I would imagine they'd recycle the same variable used for the Seeds bonus from the Advanced Trader or the Ranking Points bonus from Thrones of the High Men, and I think someone would've...
  6. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    I think we all knew the Maze of Dark Matter is bad, but I didn't notice how completed out-classed it is. Even with the mana decay reduction, maybe save 10,000+ kp and just get a couple lava eggs or burning pools? I felt so bad that I even gave it credit for 8 3-hour collections per day: Mana...
  7. Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    To whomever made the Cauldron Recipe Maker (@Silly Bubbles ?) I added a couple tweaks to my copy of the sheet to make it a little easier to use. I'm happy to help implement them if you feel they're worthy. The first is conditional formatting to highlight the cell for the Next recommended...
  8. Does Advanced Scouts work properly?

    Have a link or a name?
  9. Does Advanced Scouts work properly?

    This might be a conversation better suited to the beta forum. I can't imagine nobody has collected the data for this before.
  10. Does Advanced Scouts work properly?

    I think you're mixing together two different concepts with this sentence. The second part about modified time is exactly the thing I'm investigating. By comparing two cities with the same number of scouts at the same ring level, but with 1 advanced scouts research different, I'm trying to...
  11. Does Advanced Scouts work properly?

    The Advanced Scouts research implies, though doesn't directly state, that activating it will reduce scout time by 25%. See that little -25% in the circle down there? But, looking at scout time examples in a couple of my cities, it really seems like it only reduces scout times by 20.5%...
  12. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    The Sunset Tower is a beast, it turns out. The following numbers ignore the seed decay, obviously, and are based on getting 3 neighbor chests per day, which could obviously change all the way in chapters 20-21 with the Scout's Tavern that I'm again ignoring. Chapter 12 13 14 15 16 17...
  13. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    @Alram and @MaidenFair I made these scout time estimates based on a handful of forum responses I could find related to scout times, then fit them to a power curve. If you have any suggestions on how to find a canonical estimate for scout times let me know. I didn't feel like surveying a bunch...
  14. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    Same deal as above, this time for the Heroes Forge: Orcs per square per day Chapter 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Heroes Forge - 1 9 11 12 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 Heroes Forge - 11 27 32 36 40 46 52 58 63 69 75 81 86 92 98 Heroes Forge - 21 46 53 60 67...
  15. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    This is picking on Enar's Embassy, which doesn't need more abuse, but it's fun to show. Here are the values for a few different levels Enar's compared with a MA-craftable Mana Sawmill on the basis of mana per square per hour: Mana per square per hour Chapter 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17...
  16. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    While that's true, it might not be too hard to get working population and culture requirement from elvenstats for some representative sample of players at each chapter level.
  17. Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    I'd love if someone (other than me) made a comprehensive break down of how each of the wonder's scale compared with common alternatives like event buildings or MA craftables.
  18. Feedback Autumn Zodiac event

    I'm disappointed. Bear artifacts and phoenix artifacts are incredibly powerful for long term play. Last year we had a 2:1 conversion recipe for the raccoon artifacts, which was better than nothing at all. Is there a conversion for tinlug? Will there be some other way to get bear artifacts?
  19. Feedback Ancient Wonders Levels Overview on Browser

    Not live for me -- v1.181.4-(e320c1e) - html5 (2023-08-18 14:40)
  20. Feedback Ads Feedback thread

    Agreed, time to get off the pot. I won't watch the ads, but I want the choice to defer on the boosts to be my choice.