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  1. Lady Dastardly

    Spire Master Interviews with Maximum Effort (Combined Thread)

    How exciting and congratulations to you! I always enjoyed your interviews and was saddened when they disappeared. Glad you are well and I wish you and your book(s) much success!
  2. Lady Dastardly

    How can I upgrade Mama Jules

    The Mama Juul's Fusion Feast event ran in May, and the June FA gave a Juul's Traveling Kitchen artifact as a reward, so it is highly unlikely it will appear again in the next FA. The three events that could be covered by the next FA are Autumn Zodiac (Tinlug), Gateway into the Past (Solunar...
  3. Lady Dastardly

    New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    This screenshot is from Oct 5 on Beta. Cost at that time was definitely the pre-CC and spell frag increase cost.
  4. Lady Dastardly

    chapter questlines

    iDavis has the guest race quest lists here - just click the drop down menu at the top where it says "All Guest Races" and select the chapter you wish to get info about. You can safely sell off all Ch 12 settlement bldgs - there is no quest to sell the portal.
  5. Lady Dastardly

    It worked for StarTrek

    Lady Dastardly
  6. Lady Dastardly

    Quests Wonky Walters

    Ah ha! I vaguely remembered there being something like that in the questline, but it's been too long and didn't want to mention it since I wasn't sure. I suppose it makes sense as a way to teach new players what royal restorations do, but it does run counter to how other building rewards work...
  7. Lady Dastardly

    Quests Wonky Walters

    It's been available as an event building in the past, but the new tech also has it as a storyline quest reward.
  8. Lady Dastardly

    Quests Wonky Walters

    Send a note to support. I know of another player who had this happen and support was able to correct the level. I'm pretty sure it's a chapter 2 quest anyway, so it's doubly wrong.
  9. Lady Dastardly

    Tolkien - Recruiting has 1 opening!

    Haha, I spoke too soon! While that spot has been claimed, we will have 2 more spots opening this weekend as 2 members are needing a break to attend to real life responsibilities. We're a low pressure, but high achieving group. Averaging 15-17 chests, and weekly gold spire. Trades are cleared...
  10. Lady Dastardly

    Tolkien - Recruiting has 1 opening!

    Thanks for the interest - our open spot has been claimed.
  11. Lady Dastardly

    Does anyone create cities just to have a theme?

    I have heard tell of a great city perched on a hill in Ceravyn, stuffed with all the most delectable snacky buildings the game has to offer. Now if only it could craft the Gingerbread Mansion it would be truly scrumptious.
  12. Lady Dastardly

    CAL question

    This thread featured a similar discussion and @Rythel was kind/curious enough to run the experiment of deleting a AW. Results confirmed a drop in squad size.
  13. Lady Dastardly

    Gain Spell Fragments

    Anecdotal: I have a friend who fragged hers because it was so far behind. It took 4 months to show back up and when it did she had to frag a ton of stuff to afford to rebuild it. She said she deeply regretted the choice.
  14. Lady Dastardly

    Looking Closed - FS found

    Hi Elven! I'm a mage for Tolkien and I dropped you a note in game with a question and some info about our fellowship. We may be what you are looking for. Btw, your dog is adorable!
  15. Lady Dastardly

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    No, that's only if you ignore all of the other increases from level 9 to 10. At my level (Ch 17 - Traders) the bump from 9 to 10 will net an extra: 7600 mana 690 seeds 1 KP Plus the 10 min timer.
  16. Lady Dastardly

    chapter questlines

    Haha, I don't blame you! Do you mind if I take what you have and add them to my Google doc?
  17. Lady Dastardly

    chapter questlines

    Direct link to Google sheet (all chapters have their own sheet, click the tabs at the bottom): https://tinyurl.com/HumanQuestList Quest in BLUE can be Canceled. ORANGE Items are Human Specific names. As @Iyapo said, No promise of accuracy or perfection! This one builds on the work @Ariel...
  18. Lady Dastardly

    Answered Aqua Splendor Building Setup

    There are many different layouts suggested in the Aqua Splendor thread: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/aqua-splendor.37611/post-289066 You'll have to look through a few pages, but you might find something there that will work for you. It's hard to give set up advice because...
  19. Lady Dastardly

    Feedback Version 1.181

    I was not playing during the original event, but I was able to craft bases for it in both live cities when the artifacts went into the spire. It definitely was in there at some point. However, I disenchanted one of the bases last year (once I spent blueprints/diamonds to craft the artifacts I...
  20. Lady Dastardly

    KP donation notifications

    This is supposed to be a suggestion thread regarding adding Ancient Wonder KP donations to the Notifications. Other than a handful of responses, it's just 4 pages of people arguing that their chosen method of filling wonders is the right one. It's off topic and unpleasant.