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Search results

  1. Zoof

    Feedback Version 1.181

    Haven't read the entire thread, so I don't know if this gripe has already surfaced, but... Artifacts for pet food? I had to quickly check my main acct to see if I accidentally bought this without knowing after having checked out the patch notes a week-ish late. I'm still holding onto my phoenix...
  2. Zoof

    Spire Chests

    I had forgotten to do the second floor; things happened too fast when they did but I remembered to grab the third floor in time.
  3. Zoof

    Spire Chests

    1. Didn't know it was really needed 'till now. 2. Now I feel a bit gaslit. Especially after I reran the first floor. Thanks for bringing this to attention Note: The software used is WinMerge. Great tool.
  4. Zoof

    Poaching of players should be banned

    "Hello, I'm reaching out to you about your car's extended warranty..."
  5. Zoof

    how many battles per round per chapter level?

    I may have seen the chart you speak of, but the context I remember was "If you're not reaching this minimum value, you're not playing the game optimally enough. git gud or find a less competitive fellowship." Personally, the value I've always known how many tournament provinces was recommended...
  6. Zoof

    Poaching of players should be banned

    My college years were fun. While this article might be newer, the technique I was taught was a... well. I was also told that the particular brand of creamer used in these creations, Cremora, was a popular kind served in prison. Didn't actually fact-check that one but it made far too much sense...
  7. Zoof

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Rice. Select jasmine or basmati rice. Put 4 cups rice into pot [EDIT: Prior instructions unclear. Could burn rice], then add water until waterline reaches height of your index finger's second knucklebone from the top of the rice line. Add onion, ginger, turmeric. Blast on high heat until...
  8. Zoof

    How is a fellowships rank calculated?

    Rank is then determined by highest score. If you want to further break things down, you can gather info on an individual player's score. Which has the following tooltip: Hovering over a city's rank button reveals the breakdown of that particular player's score, be it your own or someone...
  9. Zoof

    Concise writing

    This is the third time I've tried to figure out what to post here. I've given up. Might as well post a couple thoughts in easy-to-see bullet points. To me, walls of text are only wall-y if I have to reattempt a paragraph several times because I've lost my place while trying to read it...
  10. Zoof


    Doing some sleuthing, it seems there's something screwy with the name servers. Or... something. Elvenstats can still be accessed via its IP address: The connection isn't secure, though. If that's important to you, wait until things get resolved properly.
  11. Zoof

    Spire cooldown

    There isn't one to my knowledge. The first Spire run is always the hardest, but I believe you're intended to use the many time boosters you can get from there to make it easier to run time-wise. If your fellowship is on top of things and you're following along, you should get the following...
  12. Zoof

    Pheonix event

    You're expected to also complete the questline, which grants two additional artifacts that will allow you to fully evolve the first phoenix before you receive the second one. This sort of breaks down if you spend diamonds to buy enough event tokens (Sky Essence, in this case) to reach the second...
  13. Zoof

    Somnial Pool

    That really depends on the chapter. But if you click here, you can find more comprehensive information regarding this building. EDIT: I needed to do a double-take here. What I had was "Burning Pool" in my city and noticed that I too had a Somnial Pool in my inventory. Only one. Where'd I get it...
  14. Zoof

    Ramifications of Using Alternative Buildings in a Chapter

    1. The infobox says Weeping Willow produces up to 2800 mana at a rate of 186 per hour. This means it'll produce for about 15 hours before it stops. As for comparing buildings based on mana efficiency, try using the Mana Comparison Tool on Elvenarchitect. Be sure to set the filters so that you...
  15. Zoof

    How can I see what is produced in terms of time?

    Normally, I make the determination based on the amount of goods produced. I do so many 3 hour productions that I can, at a glance, tell that it was a 3 hour production as opposed to some other production. Normally, this "some other production" is a 9 hour production, but I can see it becoming an...
  16. Zoof

    how do you

    To add to what @Henroo and @mucksterme said, clicking the "$" button puts your interface into Sell Mode, where you can click a building to sell it. In the browser version, it's up above the bottom bar. On mobile, this button is near the bottom-right corner of the screen. There are some...
  17. Zoof

    construction cancellation

    Your question does not appear to make sense. If a construction has not started, there is no construction. There is no "it" to cancel. --- If, on the other hand, you're wondering what your builders are up to because you're constructing something else and you haven't told us about that, then...
  18. Zoof

    construction cancellation

    Clicking buildings do things. Buttons tend to mean what they say. You lose the option to cancel the construction if there's less than 10 seconds left on the timer, though. If you want to cancel a construction, you should do so in a timely fashion. The ten second rule has implications...
  19. Zoof

    Urban Renewal Day!

    Great advice! Also, reminded me some dialogue I got when I was first starting out and did the tutorial. Something to the effect of "These arms aren't just for show! We'll move any building anywhere you like"
  20. Zoof

    Hello Hello, I am Zanobia. I played this several years ago and the game either has changed a little or I just forgot things. when do I join a team?

    ohai thar! Welcome back! Keep popcorn or your favorite snack food handy, for there are many shenanigans afoot here on this fantastically fun forum