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Search results

  1. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I really appreciate you. For reading through everything and getting me. THANK YOU!!!
  2. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I like the event I don’t like the numbers. fair enough
  3. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Please expand. Because for me it hasn’t been free. I’ve enjoyed the game, for the most part. I will admit this post is me ranting. But I would like you to expand because I have spent, in the year plus I have played, a couple hundred dollars when you add it all up. I have in the past paid for my...
  4. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I was super excited about the new game board… But now I’m pissed. It is way to freaking hard to get what you need to get even 1 damn gem. I honestly might be done after this horribly difficult event. Introduce a new game AWESOME. Then y’all make it super hard.….. I get there is a lot of time...
  5. 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    Mine went to my junk mail so make sure you check there!!!
  6. 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    I was wondering the same thing. But I also noticed I started off with over a hundred keys and I can’t remember if that is normal or not. So someone in my fellowship suggested maybe this is the same thing instead of getting an email? But I’m not sure.
  7. 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    There is one on Elvengems.com
  8. 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    I had to log out and log back in several times before it stopped.
  9. 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    Can someone please remind me how to get the email for the event keys? I can never remember TIA!
  10. Generating Better Spire Participation ** 1st Edit**

    Safe to say this one can be archived. Good job Inno on the recent updates. The piggy bank is a great idea!
  11. No fair play!

    I’m surprised you’re not in a Fs. A good fs helps more than anything. And if you have most of the ancient wonders you would have been able to begin fighting most of your stuff before ch6….
  12. No fair play!

    Not sure if anyone said this already but always scout the province that costs the least amount of money. Even when you are over scouted this will still make the province easy to medium. Or at least it does for me. Hope that helps.
  13. 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    10000 times agreed
  14. 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    I hope he’s just giving you a hard time! I like as much advance notice as possible!!! One of my fs members thought this was a new FA. Don’t know how. Had to tell him twice it wasn’t.
  15. 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Yes it is lol
  16. 2021 Autumn Zodiac discussion

    Does anyone know how much diamonds it will cost for the extra rewards?
  17. Unsend Messages

    @ajqtrz off topic what branch?
  18. How about a designer building

    I like this idea! But you could do something like an artifact would make it able to change later down the road when they put that artifact Into the spire. Just in case you don’t always want it to be 100% permanent. Just a thought.
  19. Please Rate

    You’re basically making my rewrite for me! Lol much appreciated!
  20. Please Rate

    No I’m not trying to change the FS rewards at all.