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Search results

  1. bluebonnetgirl

    Missing GA

    That’s terrible! I hope support can help.
  2. bluebonnetgirl

    Anyone speak a different language?

    OLLay!! . Athay asway unnyfay! Ankthay ouyay!!
  3. bluebonnetgirl

    Leagues, 2022 Forbidden Ruins

    World Event Ends Iron Bronze Silver Gold Beta 5m/ended 143 235 266 303 Arendyll 5d 5h 50 147 217 290 Winyandor 6d 11h 50 140 210 279 Felyndral 5d 5h 49 147 218 275 Khelonaar 6d 14h 46 135 209 294 Elcysandir 8d 13h 44 126 195 257 Sinya Arda 6d 4h 46 140 210 280 Ceravyn 6d 4h 46...
  4. bluebonnetgirl

    Trades Why so many bad sentient goods trades?

    Good to know. Thanks.
  5. bluebonnetgirl

    Trades Why so many bad sentient goods trades?

    I thought it was done to avoid sentient goods decay by using the trader like storage. I don’t think there is decay on an open trade, but I don’t know for sure.
  6. bluebonnetgirl

    Mock battle

    I have been fighting in tournaments for months and I still don’t know what troops are best. I feel like I’m making educated guesses, but still they’re guesses. Seems like this would really help me.
  7. bluebonnetgirl

    Elvarian Games - League Numbers Bronze, Silver, Gold

    Arendyll ... Bronze 72 - Silver 135 -- Gold 185 Felyndral ... Bronze 71 - Silver 135 -- Gold 183 Winyandor ... Bronze 0 - Silver 0 -- Gold 0 Khelonaar ... Bronze 71 - Silver 140 -- Gold 187 Elcysandir ... Bronze 72 - Silver 138 -- Gold 192 Sinya Arda ... Bronze 0 - Silver 0 -- Gold 0 Ceravyn ...
  8. bluebonnetgirl

    Make Resource Usage Pop-ups Click-Through

    I usually play on the app since my computer is a little slow. Today I played on it and noticed this very thing. Great suggestion.
  9. bluebonnetgirl

    New elf player, when is the best time to become a fighting city?

    Can you tell me more about this? I autofight with 3-5 different fighters because I never thought to do it any other way.
  10. bluebonnetgirl

    Goddess of Wishes

    So he's the one! I usually get a PP and think p-yoo!
  11. bluebonnetgirl

    Goddess of Wishes

    That's funny. I've never noticed that he wasn't as good as the others. I'll have to see if he's Mr. Disappointment. Crossing fingers he's Mr. Charming. :)
  12. bluebonnetgirl

    Goddess of Wishes

    I'm not an expert, but so far I've noticed that the genies give a bigger variety and amount of resources and more diamonds. I've gotten genies from the Spire and they are great. The other difference is the genie lasts 100 days and the goddess lasts for 30 days.
  13. bluebonnetgirl

    Goddess of Wishes

    Ok, Thank you. I was thinking she'd be like the wishing well or genie. Disappointing, indeed. ;)
  14. bluebonnetgirl

    Goddess of Wishes

    Does anyone know what the goddess of wishes gives? I've searched the forum (someone talked about seeing a chart, but I can't find it) and elvengems for info.
  15. bluebonnetgirl

    Spare Time Activities

    I believe it is the name of one the choices in a settlement building. I’m past that chapter so I don’t remember which building it’s in.
  16. bluebonnetgirl

    Hello Hi :)

  17. bluebonnetgirl

    Hello Hello to you all

  18. bluebonnetgirl

    wont load

    yes, I think the game is down.
  19. bluebonnetgirl

    Update Wikipedia

    So the wiki is written by regular players? I assumed it was maintained by Inno....The gems website is a wealth of knowledge. I’d be lost without it.
  20. bluebonnetgirl

    Use for non boost relics

    They are used to produce enchantments and to upgrade ancient wonders too. It may be interesting to use them to craft other things.