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Search results

  1. 17+ Tournament Chest and Gold Spire Trophy Fellowship Looking

    Hi. Sorry for the delay responding. We do have an opening.
  2. Just Some Ideas... Spire Simulator

    Michmarc did a spreadsheet ( https://tinyurl.com/y54zfzct ) that tries to minimize the overall cost of negotiating by allowing you to rank goods according to their value to you. So if you are swimming in coins you might say coins are the cheapest, but when I was at endgame in chapter 16 I had...
  3. 17+ Tournament Chest and Gold Spire Trophy Fellowship Looking

    We are The Happy Campers, the #1 fs in Sinya, looking for an ambitious player who will complete the Spire each week and do well in tournaments. Our goal is to open all 19 chests each week and, of course, to continue getting gold trophies in the Spire. Someone with an elixir boost is preferred...
  4. Nevermind

    Thanks. I'm very happy where I am. I don't even remember what this thread was about. I wanted to delete it, but couldn't, so I just edited the title.
  5. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  6. Add Blueprint Inventory SOMEWHERE

    Sorry for before and YAY!! But there's probably nothing more to be said on the topic. All we can do is wait and see.
  7. Tournament Changes

    Are you able to do 15K easy because of all the high level military AWs you have or do you place a lot of boost buildings like UUU, DA, ELR, etc? I usually place a DA or a couple of UUU and a MMM and/or ELR. I can do about 6 rounds of 40 provinces, but by then the fights are not only getting...
  8. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    One thing I do like about the new system is that it does allow one to excel by manual fighting. It's hard for even the biggest cities to do much over 10K points, which you can get with fewer than 40 provinces. In the old system somebody with only 40 open provinces in my world couldn't even...
  9. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    Although I like manual fighting I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to manual fight through 6 rounds of around 40 provinces to get far less than what I was getting before by autofighting 50-60 provinces with so much more effort. Then it occurred to me that maybe...
  10. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  11. Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  12. Add Blueprint Inventory SOMEWHERE

    You said exactly what I was thinking. The idea that displaying an inventory item quantity was prohibitively difficult development task seems utterly insane to me. If doing that is a major roadblock for the developers then I can't even imagine how the game got this far or how any new feature or...
  13. Tournament Changes

    I'm at endgame and I am honestly wondering where to go next. Yes, I will do chapter 17 because it's the things to do, but the point of "advancing" is to actually be stronger and more capable. I had reached a point where I could do 50-60 provinces in the tournament and complete the Spire. I had...
  14. Cross-tier trades

    I think this whole issue about the fairness of cross-tier trades comes about because of the nature of this game. It is more of a cooperative game than an adversarial one. Because we work together to help each other grow there is an underlying feeling that our dealings with one another should...
  15. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    So it seems that folks should also include the Spire level or tournament province and round associated with the squad sizes they give or the data could be confusing. Or can you actually discern that information just based on the ratio of the given squad sizes.
  16. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    I'm confused about what you are asking for here. My next tourney encounter would be round 3 of province 37 or perhaps round 1 of province 38. Which, if either, of those squad sizes should I report? Or perhaps I should post both?
  17. Cross-tier trades

    I'm in pretty much the perfect fellowship. We always get 10 tourney chests and we very consistently get the gold Spire trophy. I'm not a big fan of the Fellowship Adventures and it's great that we only do one path for each stage to get the main rewards, but don't go crazy. Trading is great...
  18. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    Yes, my next expansion 4600. No, I didn't know I could use any encounter. Good to know for future reference.
  19. Spire/Tournament squad size calc - we need your data! [Part 2]

    I keep forgetting to pay attention to my squadsizes at the beginning of Spire, but finally remembered. chapter/ MH level / Open provinces / AW levels / SS size / Total placed expansions [ResearchExp : Premium Exp] / Total unlocked mandatory research => own Spire squad size / enemy Spire squad...
  20. Decrease in military craft items

    I love my Dragon Abbey and the ability to use it like a mana ATM. I have been very active in the tournaments and have a ton of spells to use when needed so even when I need something like 1.5M mana for a Main Hall upgrade I can drop couple hundred EE spells if necessary and have the mana...