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Search results

  1. WolfSinger

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    @AnselSkye - I have a @msn.com email - no promotions folder like gmail. I did check my spam folder. This has been a normal thing for me for a couple of years now - no bonus currency - ever.
  2. WolfSinger

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    And once again no email with bonus currency
  3. WolfSinger

    ElvenStats not updating...?

    elvenarchitect - still not working for me. It won't load from Elven stats and when I try to load a previous save or even start new - I get a failed to load message. Glad it's working for some - but no love for me.
  4. WolfSinger

    The magnificent Sir Squirrel

    He does amazing work - I love all of these (as well as mine)
  5. WolfSinger

    So what exactly is the new rule for new member participation in weekly FS spire/tournament

    So you have more than 1 city on the same server? Elvenstats only shows one player with your user name - how is @helya supposed to know to look for a fellowship that doesn't come up under the name you use on the forums. The fact she checked your fellowship shows she was trying to investigate to...
  6. WolfSinger

    World map Centers

    US2 has changed it's now mommasalty. (Boogoti was taking me to my city when I exited to the world map - so I tried another city that was near him and found the change.)
  7. WolfSinger

    Sigh, very poor communication about new FS rule changes this week!!!!!

    @Qybyrn I used to be a forum rat as you so derisively called us. One of the first things I do when I start playing a game is to find the wiki and the forums - that way I can visit and learn about the game as well as upcoming changes. Now I pop in periodically to check for announcements and to...
  8. WolfSinger

    The Fairy Queen's Garden

    I really wish they would allow us to do tourney, spire or world encounters when a quest calls for encounters - only allowing two options is silly - in my humble opinion.
  9. WolfSinger


    @CrusaderMichael actually elvenstats has a button to update to current when you open then dialogue to view your city on elvenarchetech - it shows the last time it downloaded along with a button to get current city.
  10. WolfSinger

    News from Beta - Archived

    @Enevhar Aldarion - that makes sense. I've been playing a long time also - boosted in scrolls - just finished chapter 17. I've always handled trades - FS first and then whatever else I can pick up - while trying to maintain a minimum amount of each good since I negoiate the spire and cater/auto...
  11. WolfSinger

    News from Beta - Archived

    I don't understand why people whine about picking up extra scrolls. We have unlimited storage - so having 5-10-100 million scrolls doesn't impact anything (if storage was limited then I would understand). If you have enough of the other T2 goods to pick up trades - but don't because you have...
  12. WolfSinger

    Spire Shop

    I really like this idea - but I would like it to include the other 'big' prizes - MRs, DAs, Genie etc. However, IF you get one in a chest - it locks it out of being purchased in the shop. Put the cost of those items at 63 - that way if you aren't trying to get an artifact and IF you don't win...
  13. WolfSinger

    Thoughts about Arcane Residue...

    Personally, I refuse to waste CC's, Timers or Diamonds (refreshing) in order to participate in the FA. If there is nothing that I am interested in crafting I will wait until the next cycle The only time I spend diamonds refreshing is if I haven't seen pet food in a day or two. The prizes awarded...
  14. WolfSinger

    Neighborly Help Prioritization Calculator

    For some who prioritize MH over culture - it could also be running at maximum culture bonus so those polishes don't provide much if any help. I'm one that's in that position, I get a few people who polish culture regardless of my request and I run at 170% bonus pretty much all the time.
  15. WolfSinger

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    @Sir Squirrel - THANK YOU :) You're the Best
  16. WolfSinger

    You might be obsessed with Elvenar if...

    @SeaWolf - thank you. I love your signature block and the sig line under it.
  17. WolfSinger

    You might be obsessed with Elvenar if...

    You keep the game up in the background at work so you can time your breaks to collect resources and reset productions.
  18. WolfSinger

    Diversity of Charachters! :D

    @Selamta I love your profile pic - that is a beautiful and fierce looking elf. Elvenar is based in Germany and the EU has some strong laws regarding internet privacy and INNO tends to err on the side of not risking anything that could possibly expose private information of a player. I believe...
  19. WolfSinger

    Suggestion Regarding Neighborly Help

    I like this idea - but what I would like to see also is something that was talked about in the forums years ago - a way to turn off help for a specific building. Or to have the system drop culture off the screen when max culture bonus is reached. I typically run close to max culture in my city...