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  1. -Solaris-

    Hello New here

    Hello @Ericawood! Welcome to our wonderful community. Our players are very helpful, so should you have any question don't be shy and ask :)
  2. -Solaris-

    This update is the worst

    Hello dear humans and elves, Please use the Discussion topic about the AW changes to discuss them. It's easier on everyone if we don't create different threads to discuss the same things. For this reason, I will lock this thread, but please feel free to discuss this topic as we are always...
  3. -Solaris-

    "...everybody look. what's going down?"

    This is because it is inciting other players to breach our Game Rules and/or Terms and Conditions. This topic is now locked.
  4. -Solaris-

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  5. -Solaris-

    Open Thrones aw bug?

    Please also try clearing your cache and restarting your game.
  6. -Solaris-

    This game is about to die with the upcoming AW changes

    Hello! You are correct, to place wonders you now need 1000 SFs, 1 CC, and 5 RRs. However, the first two AWs of the game are the exception and players don't need the RRs to place them.
  7. -Solaris-

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures - 2024

    Hello dear humans and elves, You can discuss the Fellowship Adventures of this new year in this thread :) Good luck!
  8. -Solaris-

    News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    Hey there! I've stuck this thread to the top :)
  9. -Solaris-

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Hello! You are correct Henroo, I've edited our in-game announcement to make the changes about the Artifacts that will be phased out from Glory of the Nimble to Witch Doctor Artifacts. Unfortunately, I cannot edit the announcement in Discord but I will raise the issue. Thank you for noticing!
  10. -Solaris-

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!
  11. -Solaris-

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

    0 :cool:
  12. -Solaris-

    City Truly Cater Only

    Hello @Silver Lady, Ideas and suggestions don't die here! We take as much feedback and ideas from the forum as we do from discord. It's true that on Discord a greater number o player might see it and comment on it though, so at the moment, I would prefer it if ideas and suggestions were shared...
  13. -Solaris-

    Hello Greetings!

    Welcome back @JadeEyedDragon :smile_elf:
  14. -Solaris-

    Order of turns changed in manual battle?

    Hello @Glandeh, We are sorry for this inconvenience, this is indeed a bug. It has already been reported to the development team and we are waiting for a fix :)
  15. -Solaris-

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Hello hello dear elvenarians, @TimeMachine , you raise an interesting point concerning accessibility to other categories that I will investigate. Although, it is true that our discord server houses every Elvenar market, your account is used to access the server and not a specific category of...
  16. -Solaris-

    Closed | Contact Support Missing a Mountain Hall rune shard & one 20 and three 5 point AW instants!

    Good morning @FairyInBellbottoms , Please contact support directly so that we can investigate this issue.
  17. -Solaris-

    How to see exact # of diamonds?

    Hello hello! We are working on having a tooltip showing the exact numbers of your diamonds :wink_elf:
  18. -Solaris-

    Support team: updates

    Update Dear community, This update comes a little late here, but as you might have noticed, we have new additions to our team! • The Support Moderator VanillaSunbeam has joined the team. • The Forum and Discord Moderator @WayoftheWitch has joined the team. Your Elvenar team
  19. -Solaris-

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Hello dear elvenarians, We have no indication that the wiki will be shut down any time soon, and we are still updating and creating content for it.
  20. -Solaris-

    Too Much KP Purchase

    Hello dear elves and humans, There is no voting on ideas currently, but we still forward your suggestions and ideas frequently. For instance, we have been forwarding your feedback on the difficulty/issues with the "Buy KP", "Donate to the Magic Academy" and "Fight/Negotiate world map...