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Search results

  1. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    Thank you! But what's the least amount of Available Population I want to have on hand during the Sorcerer/Dragons Chapter?
  2. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    New question. For this Chapter, what's is a good number of available Population to have? I'm trying to see if I can Teleport some of my Residences to my Summons page to make room for more of the needed Chapter Buildings as well as the ever-growing Campus [I recently gathered the necessary Items...
  3. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    That article is a huge help, thanks!
  4. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    Thanks! I'm going to need it!
  5. Help With Chapter 10

    No worries. I already have a Topics Posted for the Sorcerers Chapter. I'm just looking around to see what's been Posted about that Chapter.
  6. Help With Chapter 10

    So the Campus IS the Portal for this Chapter?
  7. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    That's more what I was looking for, thanking! I only asked because that Woodelves Chapter kind of messed me up. I didn't have what I needed when I needed it. I want to make sure this time I'm not wasting my time.
  8. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    Thank you for replying, great Post! But Mana isn't the issue I Posted this for. My point was I want to spend my Mana wisely. So I want to spend it on these new Sorcerer Chapter Buildings in order of importance, so I know I'm getting the most necessary ones first.
  9. Sorcerer & Dragons Chapter/Buildings

    I FINALLY finished the woodelves Chapter, I've been looking forward to the Sorcerers Chapter! There are a lot of new Buildings in this Chapter, and not a lot of Mana. So to utilize my Mana best, in what order should I put up the new Buildings? I want to make sure I'm putting the most important...
  10. Research Tree Woodelves Chapter Confusing Quests

    Exactly. But my point is, Elvenar should have had us do those Quests FIRST, before we start needing Woodelf Goods, not after.
  11. Research Tree Woodelves Chapter Confusing Quests

    Does Elvenar enjoy confusing us? I'm partway through the Woodelves Chapter of the Research Tree. I added all of the Knowledge Points for A Grave, A Fountain And A Turtle. But I need some weird Woodelves Goods to complete this Research Tree Quest. But Forest Fabrication doesn't show up for some...
  12. Woodelves alternative strategy

    True, but I don't have much room for anything else, then I still have to put up Forest Fabrication to make the Woodelves weird Goods...
  13. Woodelves alternative strategy

    I wish i I wish I'd been playing Elvenar back then! I could've used all those Carnival Event Buildings thay make Mana...
  14. Woodelves alternative strategy

    I was fortunate enough to get a Mana Sawmill before starting City Expansion 36 when I first need Mana, though it's been a week and I think it's going to take at least a month and a half to get 20,000 Mana, and this Chapter has a whole lot of Quests that require big time Mana...
  15. Producing Military Units

    I didn't realize you were talking the Spire. I'd thought you meant in the Provinces.
  16. Producing Military Units

    I have Needle Of Tempest and a Grounds Of The Orc Strategist.
  17. Producing Military Units

    I have 3 Armories now. Which Ancient Wonders would I need, and which Phoenixes should I look out for in the Magic Academy?
  18. Producing Military Units

    You said "if it takes less rounds to complete an Encounter". What do you mean? All of my fights have been one round. I choose my Units and press Fight, that's it.
  19. Producing Military Units

    Your "little ID"? Wood Elves? So there's a way to get higher up in the Spire Of Eternity?
  20. Producing Military Units

    When I started Elvenar, I could produce a great deal of Military Units, while at the same time regularly be fighting in Provinces and the Spire Of Eternity. Now, I'm always producing Military Units, and hardly using them, but I have so few. My Barracks, Training Grounds and Armories are Leveled...