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Search results

  1. Evolving Instants and Events

    Well anything is worth a try thanks. Have to wait till the next one :(
  2. Evolving Instants and Events

    Yeah it's weird. I have cities in all chapters and I build some workshops and teir one manufactories just for the events. I use the magic academy for coin instants, relics and whatever I can make. I keep my barracks full. I visit everyday and pick up the keys or whatever the events offer. I mean...
  3. Evolving Instants and Events

    I have noticed that for the last few events I have not been able to gain all 10 evolving instants. Even after finishing all the quests and playing some of the daily quests I still can't gain all the evolving instants. Any help and ideas would be appreciated.
  4. City movement

    The moves were done to help active players and in my smaller cities I have not seen that much of a difference but I notice my bigger cities don't have trades. That's upsetting
  5. One Word Reply Game

  6. Signature Help

    Hello I attempted to make a Signature. Any help and feedback will be appreciated. I will try again lol. I am not very good at these things :(
  7. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    This is a game fantasy. I play to forget the madness in the real world for a while. I love to play the events, but this one seems to be put together without any rhyme or reason. The quests are repetitive and boring, the prizes including the evolving building aren't worth all the time spent on...
  8. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I don't even bother looking at the royal prizes 1500 diamonds is way too much to spend all in one place. I like to spread it around :) Also all the prizes in this particular event are horrible including the evolving building. It's all very disappointing. I look forward to these events and I hope...
  9. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I am done. I gave up. I am really not trying to be a baby over this event but this is ridiculous:confused: so today I gave up. I will keep on playing, growing my baby worlds and expand on the bigger ones and wait for the next event :)
  10. Overscouting Good/Bad/neutral

    I read your post and I am the same way. I love this game and I have learned so much over the time I have been playing. I am new to this forum or any forum and I glad for all the advice and game info I am finding here but my brain couldn't handle so much strategic game playing. I am building...
  11. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I hear you :) I guess I have to learn to pace myself. I just like to get it done
  12. Helya - Pet Food Use

  13. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    I agree. It seems like every time they bring up an event they just make it more difficult and confusing by throwing in whatever without much thought. I love this game have been playing on and off for years but damn the events are becoming not worth playing anymore
  14. 2021 Misty Forest discussion

    It can turn into a roadblock when you have no pet food and you are fighting in provinces that are "very hard" I say this because that's where I am sitting at the moment. I disenchanted pet food eons ago. So now I wait for the pet food to come up on the Magic Academy or keep trying to fight...
  15. Hello Newbie question

    My solution has been to put the first letter of each city within whatever name I give it : )