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Search results

  1. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    Oops... can't apply, you are full.
  2. Recruiting Spit Fires FS looking for 1 player

    Applying :) I'm a Spire junky, minus a few weekends during the summer, or when it's not being friendly with DA's.
  3. Disappearing Shards

    I dislike reporting things unless I have screen shots. I like to have proof, for my own sanity and when reporting. And logging out/in did not make the missing shards (20 for VS and 6 for ST) suddenly appear. I was really hoping someone about to open a chapter chest was able to check this...
  4. Disappearing Shards

    This is purely a curiosity question (at this time) if anyone else experiences this... In my beta world (diff user name), I noticed that I did not receive rune shards for the AW opened at the end of a chapter. I "thought" runes were provided for whatever AW's was opened. I was just about to...