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Search results

  1. Tournament Changes

    I did 20k on steel too and I have to say that you are right. This time I lost a lot more squads than on marble. I did not play many manual though, because I wanted to finish it before my booster buildings expire. What really makes this hard that in the new tournament my archers are very weak...
  2. Tournament Changes

    With my current squad size the losses were around 750 squads on the entire tournament. Currently this is what I have, it is almost the same as I started with: I collected a lot of units before the 18900 tournaments and I thought that I will spend all of them, but I barely lost any before I...
  3. Tournament Changes

    I don't think so either. I can collect that many damage boosters in 3 weeks and use them for 2 consecutive weeks. The HP boost is not a problem though, so if I am lucky with damage boost or start to use diamonds to get more damage boosters, then I can do it. As of the troops I lost around half...
  4. Tournament Changes

    What you copied is double 18900 points in May, now 3 weeks later I did 20520 and I'll do it next week too. Only the number of provinces are limiting me. Around province 70 I have 100 squads of mages, 100 squads of light ranged and 100 squads of heavy ranged and I barely lose any with +250% HP...
  5. Tournament Changes

    Meanwhile I finished chapter 16 and I am in the middle of chapter 17. I still don't feel the pain, I just did 20520 points on the tournament and I'll repeat it next week too. I cannot do more because I have only 76 provinces, otherwise I could reach 30-40k. I have enough units to do this 20k 3-5...
  6. Tournament Changes

    Maybe they use different parameters on each world, but on Sinya I just got an ELR and I had an MMM yesterday. I am not sure how many booster buildings I craft, but I think at least 3-4 per week (half of them is UUU) and on average I got 1 DA per week in the spire too (I do all 3 stages). I use a...
  7. Tournament Changes

    The shrooms gives me a lot more per AW level, but I have 9 or 10 armories so I rather upgrade that one and keep the DB on level 1.
  8. Tournament Changes

    Yes, it is a big change. I intentionally kept what I removed on relative low levels 6-11 mostly. It was because even in the old system I doubted that they are very useful. I rebuilt some of them but only on level 1. Even level 6 isn't worth it I think. For example in the case of DB level 6 gives...
  9. Tournament Changes

    It is not more difficult for me. I just did 15k this week and I could have done even 20k if I wanted to. It takes a massive amount of time in later provinces, because we can no longer do auto without risking to lose everything, still it is just 6 hours instead of 24 hours a week we had in the...
  10. News from Beta - Archived

    Then elvengems has the wrong numbers: https://elvengems.com/phoenix-2021/daily-prizes/ I suspected, because the mana production is very low compared to the seed production. :S
  11. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Yes, I don't really have mana issues, maybe it is useful for that. I have xmas trees from an xmas event, they give tons of mana. Next event will be interesting, in theory the first daily exclusive will solve my seed issues too.
  12. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Some people use the set to make goods. For me it is useless my factories have better stats, and if I really need more, then I use the storm phoenix and the MM spells. I have the sets only because of the catalyst production and I try to minimize the space they use.
  13. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Me too. Until it turned out I am screwed. :D
  14. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    I don't think players will disappear because of it. This game is about adaptation, I would rather make catalyst with time boosters or build the catalyst giving AW and upgrade it to level 35 or focus on more important recipes like pet food and MMM. Losing 10 moonstone sets would hurt a lot...
  15. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    I removed some scrolls factories and built steel instead. I rather do cross tier for silk and crystal.
  16. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Taking away 10 catalyst per day would hurt a lot. If it is compensated somehow, then ok.
  17. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Scrolls, dust, tree gum, bismuth boosts here... :S My fellowship is pretty good, they were able to compensate it so far, but everyone has a lot of extra scrolls.
  18. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    2 catalysts, fragments, mana, seeds and uranium would be awesome instead of extra goods.
  19. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    Another option could be that they introduce different sets with different fixed goods production.
  20. Moonstone Library goods adjustment

    I have 10 sets and I don't plan to remove them. On the contrary, I want to build more, because I am always short on catalysts.