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Search results

  1. Update 1.168 - Discussion thread

    Ok, problem solved with update. It always updated automatically before. Don’t know why it didn’t do it this time
  2. Update 1.168 - Discussion thread

    I’m on mobile also, and I can’t see my whole city without moving it around the screen. This is a pain in the rear when everything is ready to collect, but I need to first do something like add enhancements. Since i have to touch outside the city boundary to scroll around or I will move a...
  3. Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    I am very happy with the new seasons. In just two days I’ve receive: 5 hour instant, 114,000 magic dust, 20% coin rain and 3 troop units. This is as good as having an new event building without having to find room to place it and all I have had to do is just play like I normally do
  4. Secrets of Alchemy 2023 Discussion Thread

    I get the email for every event, but this time when I clicked on it, I didn’t received the the promised event currency
  5. Loading issues

    Keep getting ”server maintenance, wait 30 seconds or try again”. I play on an iPad, but getting same message in my iPhone. Other apps work fine. anyone else having problem?
  6. Add Feeding Pets as an option for giving neighborly help.

    I don’t think I would use my food to give it to a neighbor
  7. Happy Holidays Inno -

    Merry Christmas Inno and thank you for all the hours of pleasure and frustration you have given me in the last two years
  8. Spire Library

    What is the spire library? I won two in the event and don’t know what they do nor where they are stored. Can’t find them
  9. Ashen phoenix formula question

    I have one feed Ashen in chapter 17 and only getting 30 points for each quest. Shouldn’t I be getting more?
  10. Welcome Sweetp

    Welcome to the forum @Sweetp. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  11. Watchful Winter Owl output

    I never feed my owl
  12. Laggy Laggerton

    I use an iPad and in Winyandor with no lag
  13. helya no longer working for Inno!?!

    @Duke00012 why are you so hostile to helya? I haven’t seen anyone including me write anything but praises about her. I thought she was a great CM and miss her very much
  14. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    It’s currently in beta only
  15. AW

    Thank you @SoggyShorts. I will follow your advise, but keep the info in the back of my mind. That is if i don’t forget. :)
  16. AW

    Thanks to all of you for the info. I’m going to save a link to it and start digesting it. I’ve just entered chapter 17 and just waiting for completion of FA and next event to get everything from last chapter upgraded before I start any new research. I’ve only been playing for 2 years and was...
  17. AW

    @CrazyWizard could you please give more info about the neighborly help wonder that you mentioned and the ones that enhance it
  18. Fellowship Adventures Guide

    This is great @Lelanya. Very concise and informative
  19. Open | In progress Limited fellowship offerings to new players

    When I started two years ago I had the same problem. I was offered about three choices and the one I joined was dead, dead, dead. Been playing about a week and didn’t know much about the game, but knew i was not getting anywhere with this group. I was savvy enough to figure that there must be a...